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  1. dane dark

    Top 10 Seagal movies

    Top 10 dtv 1.driven to kill 2.into the sun 3.the keeper 4.urban justice 5.pistol whipped 6.born to raise hell 7.a good man 8.a dangerous man 9.maximum conviction 10.attrition
  2. dane dark

    Review: The Patriot

    Always enjoyed this one, nice easy watch
  3. dane dark

    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    Brilliant interview dida, don’t listen to the rude people, it’s great the effort you put in to this site and the fan base in general, thank you
  4. dane dark

    Missed opportunity

    I think if he followed up exit wounds with under siege 3 instead of half past dead his career would have been better for it, he was in good shape at the time and exit wounds was a big hit for Warner bros so I’m sure they would have pumped some money into it, now days I don’t think I want an...
  5. dane dark

    Missed opportunity

    Hi guys I’m just wondering of all the projects through the years seagal was attached to but then didn’t make, what one do you wish we got the most for me it’s gotta be ‘blood on the moon’, I think that would have been a seagal classic, nice dark and violent, seagal wanting revenge on modern...
  6. dane dark

    Movies End Of A Gun - Steven Seagal, Jade Ewen (completed)

    Ok I was surprised how much i enjoyed this when I watched it, it was really engaging, nice simple story and I liked the role seagal played, he seemed to be having fun, it was a nice easy watch.
  7. dane dark

    Top 10 Seagal movies

    1.out for justice 2.Nico 3.hard to kill 4.marked for death 5.the glimmer man down below 7.on deadly ground 8.under siege 2 9.under siege 10.exit wounds
  8. dane dark

    Half Past Dead 20th Anniversary

    I’ve always enjoyed this movie since it came out, sure it has its problems, and he could of ended his theatrical run on a higher note, but one thing this movie is not is boring, it’s very fast paced, energetic and action packed, I find this film to be a fun time, everytime
  9. dane dark

    The Patriot (now on Blu-ray!)

    It’s a solid blu ray, it’s a movie I didn’t love when I was younger, but now going back to it it’s nice to see seagal like this again, it’s a nice looking movie and seagal is good in it, sure it’s lacking a bit in the action department but what’s there is solid.
  10. dane dark

    out for a kill thoughts ??

    perfectly sums it up ha ha
  11. dane dark

    out for a kill thoughts ??

    i look forward to checkin that out.
  12. dane dark

    out for a kill thoughts ??

    i have never been a fan of this movie, but i bought the blu ray the other day, it had a nice 20 minute making of on it too that was nice to see, there was a part in the documentary where the director says the movie is his homage to hong kong action cinema, so when i rewatched the movie for the...
  13. dane dark

    The Patriot (now on Blu-ray!)

    bought this the other day, just waiting on it to come in the post, ive always enjoyed this movie.
  14. dane dark

    10 things only happen in his movies (positive article)

    I know exactly what you mean ha ha
  15. dane dark

    It's the dog in me

    It's the dog in me
  16. dane dark

    Top 10 steven seagal dtv movies.

    Hi guys I'm new here, and as a huge fan of Steven seagal I was just wondering what people would consider his 10 best dtv movies, now I know he's made some stinkers but I feel he has made some pretty solid stuff also in these later years, well here is my top 10 and I look forward to seeing yours...