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  1. take-sensei

    Somewhere In Between EP (Extended Play) is available on iTunes!

    Hello everybody, I use iTunes for a few weeks and today when I was listing to Somewhere In Between I saw a banner of the EP of Somewhere In Between! So i thought let it share it with the community of Steven Seagal fans! ;) I think, I've maby, GREAT news for people, who couldn't buy 1st or...
  2. take-sensei

    EXPLOSION Mexico City,Mexico

    EXPLOSION Mexico City,Mexico I know it old news, but maby not everybody has seen this. OMG!!!............... source: greets take-sensei
  3. take-sensei

    Steven Seagal & Thunderbox 2007 World Tour

    I don't if its already posted, I couldn't find it on the forum. Anywhere here it is: National Gigs & Events Internationally acclaimed blues band launches tour in Canada January 2007; Continues On Through Europe in March NEW YORK – Kicking off January 12, 2007 at the Casino Rama in...
  4. take-sensei

    YouTube test

    This a You Tube video test :)
  5. take-sensei

    Trailers of Death Trance (with Kentaro Seagal)

    Helly fellow fans, I have found 2 trailers of the movie Death Trance, in that movie plays the son of Steven Seagal: Kentaro Seagal. Here are the trailers located: Trailer 1: Trailer 2:
  6. take-sensei

    Screenshots from a video (1994)

    Hello everybody, I have created some screenshots from a video of youtube a while ago, I only don't like the video and subject its self! But I like the scenes where you see Steven on the streets, and from these scenes I've made screenshots. This time the screenshots are not from a very good...
  7. take-sensei

    Custom HQ screenshots from Girl It's Alright videoclip, Making-Off and Biography!

    :::Take-Sensei Presents::: ::Girl It's Alright (2004) Custom made HQ screenshots made by Take-Sensei:: Hello everybody, Today I've received my Song from the Crystal Cave CD including with the DVD. On this DVD you can find the videoclip from Girl It's Alright (in...
  8. take-sensei

    The sunglasses of Mr.Steven Seagal

    Hello everybody, I start this thread because I'm thinking of this a lot lately, and that is that I want to buy somewhere the sunglass of Steven Seagal, which he wears in Into The Sun, I love that sunglass sooooo much and I want to have it for my own :p And between this forum session I came...
  9. take-sensei

    Cancellation of Forest National concert at 17/09/06!!!

    Hey everybody, I've just discovered that the concert of Steven Seagal in Forest National (Bruxelles, Belgium) is CANCELLED!!! This is confirmed by the official website of Forest National!!! ( This is what they say: In France: "ANNULATION : Steven Seagal...
  10. take-sensei

    Help us

    On behalf of StevenSeagalfan and Take-Sensei, we want to say this: "Hi, My friend and I try to buy the cd's of Steven Seagal on, but they can't send it to the Netherlands. So if there is anyone who wil help us, so that we can buy it from you the cd's please let us know.And we...
  11. take-sensei

    Audi S8 commercial "The Race"

    Hey everybody, for everyone who loves cars and Audi (just like me :D) I've created this thread for you... ;) I hope you like the commercial, and here is the Direct Link to that commercial: I'm waiting for your feedback :) ;) Take care
  12. take-sensei

    Steven Seagal at 1995 All-Japan Aikido Demonstration

    Hey everybody, I don't know if this video is ever posted, but this is a great footage of an Aikido seminar of Steven Seagal in 1995. This is the source: I hope for the people who haven't seen this video before, that the like it :) Good luck...
  13. take-sensei

    My little Mandarin clothing collection

    Hello everybody, The idea after this thread is, that everybody who have Chinese clothing (It doesn't mather if it is mandarin), can make photos from it and post it here on this thread, if the would like. And of course everybody can post here his/her opinion about it. Also I would like to...
  14. take-sensei

    Original Soundtracks of Steven Seagal

    Hey everybody, since a few weeks I got the CD with the title: "Original Soundtracks Of Steven Seagal". I think it's the same album as: Music from Films of Steven Seagal!!! But I'm not sure... You can give all you're opinions about this CD in this tread :). I hope I'm not the only one who has...
  15. take-sensei

    This is a test, for my signature

    test, test, test
  16. take-sensei

    New Old Dutch Steven Seagal fan

    Hello, I know this site for a few years, my username is 'take-sensei'. I'm a Steven Seagal fan since I watch Steven Seagal movies on the age of 12 (or maby I was a year older), and soon I saw that this actor has a very unique martial arts style (later I found out that the martial art was...