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    Direct Action

    Howdy folks, Has anyone here seen the Dolph Lundgren movie Direct Action? I saw a trailer for it on the Aussie R4 release of Control and it looked pretty decent.
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    The Cutter production photos

    Hi everyone, Noticed there were a couple of Chuck Norris fans on the site. Here's a link to a site that has some production photos from his Nu Image/Millenium Films picture "The Cutter". Looks like the typical Nu Image production. There's also some rather interesting pictures from another...
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    Chuck Norris returning to movies

    According to Moviehole, Chuck has signed a deal with Nu Image, the folks behind Out for a Kill, Belly of the Beast, Mercenary, Submerged and Heraphant to star in the action thriller "The Cutter". Chuck's co star will be Matrix Reloaded villain Daniel Bernhardt. Here's the link...
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    A review of WAKE OF DEATH

    To all the Van Damme fans out there. Here is the first review of WAKE OF DEATH to hit the net. Personally, I can't wait for this one :)
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    Van Damme's Kumite not happening?!

    To all the Van Damme fans on this site, Reports are popping up all over the internet that Kumite will not be filmed at all. Apparently the production is having trouble with it's funding/budget. Go over to for the details. Hopefully this film will happen.
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    Franchise files for bankruptcy

    Howdy everyone, Not sure if this has been posted up somewhere else or not but according to, Franchise Pictures filed for Chapter 11 (bankruptcy) on August 18. The fate of several of their movies is now up in the air. There was a bigger article posted up at
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    Seagal's look

    Howdy all, I'm not writing this in a negative way, it's actually a compliment, but has anyone noticed that Steven seems to be copying the look of the great Japenese actor Tishiro Mifune who worked on many of Akira Kirusawa's films. Think about it, he's got the hair, those long, twirly...
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    What movies have been disappointing for you this year?

    Hi everyone, I've seen a few stinkers this year. What about you guys? Mine are as follows: 1). Underworld 2.) Once Upon a time in Mexico 3.) Man on Fire 4.) House of 1000 Corpses 5.) House of the Dead (don't get me started on this one!)
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    Jerry Goldsmith dead

    One of the world's greatest composers, Jerry Goldsmith, has passed away. Mr. Goldsmith composed the score to dozens of movies like Executive Decision, Rambo 2, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, US Marshalls, Along Came A Spider, Chain Reaction, Chinatown, LA Confidential, and countless others...
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    Bad news on Danny Nowak's behind the scenes Belly photo!

    Howdy all, I have tried to post the behind the scenes Belly of the Beast photo Danny Nowak sent three times but it won't work. On the last attempt I read the top of the attachment bar and it said the photo (which is 411 KB) is too big (the attachment limit is 293KB). I will try and look at...
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    OUT OF REACH at VCD Quality site

    Howdy all, Someone over at has posted a video screener of Out of Reach. Usually they post a picture with it, but this time they haven't. Rest assured I will be keeping an eye on it to see if a photo gets put up. :) Just thought you all might like to know.
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    The Punisher

    Hi everyone, Just saw the new version of "The Punisher" starring Thomas Jane (or Tom Jane as he's called in Australia) and John Travolta. The movie was OK, but it could have been a lot better. At the end of the day, I gotta say that the Dolph Lundgren movie was better than the 2004 version...
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    Out of Reach US Rating

    Just a little update on Out of Reach. The film has gone through the MPAA (America's ratings board) and has been given an R rating for Violence and Some Language. It also has a very scant running time of 86 minutes.
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    Some Into the Sun casting

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this has already been posted somewhere or not, but I'll post it anyway. It seems Into the Sun is well underway. You will have to scroll down a couple of articles. Enjoy!
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    Big fights in "Out of Reach"

    Hi guys, Just got an email back from the composer of "Out of Reach". He was such a nice fellow. He was kind enough to tell that the score was completed and placed on the film in March. He also dropped the tidbit that he used electric guitars and drums to score Seagal's big fight sequences...
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    Update on "Reach" and "Sun"!

    Here is some new stuff on "Out of Reach" and "Into the Sun". Enjoy! I just hope they haven't already been posted somewhere else. INTO THE SUN Noted cinematographer Don FauntLeroy, who has been a cameraman on such notable films as Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2, Terminator 2, Goonies (one of my...
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    Into the Sun tidbit

    Hi everyone, Found a really small bit on Into the Sun. Sounds cool. According to the site Seagal will take on the Yakuza and the Chinese Tong. They also state several martial artists have been cast to play these villains. Here's the link...
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    Out of Reach release date?!

    Hi everyone, Found this while searching the net 'cause I can't wait to see it. Movies Unlimited are taking advance orders for the JULY 20, 2004 DVD release of Out of Reach. Hope this is for real. Here's the link...
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    Out of Reach fate

    Howdy all, Not sure if this is old news or what, but the Action Kings website has posted an update on Out of Reach. It pretty much confirms what we all thought. According to the site, which frequently gets its Seagal news from here, the film will be released DIRECT TO VIDEO in the Fall 2004.
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    Steven Seagal on Celebrities Uncensored 9 last night!

    I was flipping through the stations last night and there was one of those horrible "Celebrities Uncensored" shows. Ordinarily I wouldn't watch it, but they said coming up next was Steven Seagal. I was wondering if it was going to be Steven threatening the media for dogging him or something like...