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  1. tora

    The Somebody Thread...Enter

    Attention! All the stuff posted here should be redirected to the Getting To Know You Thread.:D Because this is a thread about me!Hahahaha!!!!!!
  2. tora

    Mason,advanced greetings to you!

    As I won't be here within the next 2 days I decided I would leave a Birthday message for you today.I hope you get lots of nice surprises,some and none like that :D Happy upcoming birthday to you and have a blast!
  3. tora

    Word Association Game

    Just thought I would come up with a fresh thread. Let's start a word association game.Broaden your horizons :D Love.
  4. tora

    Happy Women's Day

    Women of the world,you ROCK!The universe is in our hands today :D Happy Women's Day to all women here!:)
  5. tora

    Who sings Little Wing on FDB soundtrack?

    I've been doing research here finding different versions of Hendrix's Little Wing performed by various artists but I really wonder whose vocals sound in Fire Down Below when Jack Taggert is driving in the car before he gets hit by a huge car from behind.Anyone can help?
  6. tora

    Happy Birthday,Rodrigo a.k.a. Little Critter!!!

    Simply a BLAST!!!:D Spent a night here on making something special for you and here's what came out of a crazy head of mine. The Garfield Movie.Enjoy :D P.S. When you enter the page you have to click on a tiger and then you have to wait for the cartoon to load.
  7. tora

    Blade Of Honor (part 1)

    Well,these are merely rough notes I made between Monday and Tuesday while wandering awake for 2 days.Just thought I'd share it with you,folks.I'll post the rest of the story when I polish it. *** John Baird was adopted by Fujiro Yamamoto, a...
  8. tora

    It's an old story once anew...Seagal might get me fired now

    I had written this one quite a while ago.And it had been posted at Craig's old forum but some of the folks here might see it for the first time in their life,and even those who might have seen it back then,I wonder if they remember a thing :D Now looking back upon the time I wrote it I think it...
  9. tora

    To those who think I'm a moron...

    To those who think I'm a jerkish moron... ...if there's anyone here who thinks that way,you better tell me that.I'm not in offense.I'll take it.I'd rather appreciate it more than keeping quiet about it.I eager to know that. There'll be no axe,no frying pan,no hammer and no cake.Just you and I.
  10. tora

    Kid Ego

    Haven't been writing in quite a while but now kid ego is back. Just thought I'd share these thoughts with you.And please,don't you smile at a crocodile :D Strolling back to the past,first of all this is an old creation.I wrote it about a year before. Selfish I’ve got a high self-esteem...
  11. tora

    "When I'm President"

    Well,perhaps this has already been discussed here somewhere in the other thread but I don't feel like going through the whole forum to search the debate but I'd rather ask each of you a personal question.If any of you is voting for Bush,can you post the reasons why you're doing that,you personal...
  12. tora

    The Blonde Thread

    Well I was thinking here to start a new thread but nothing decent came to my mind and it's just pure rubbish.Here you can post all the stupid things that ever come to your head.Enjoy. Oops...I think I'm having a blonde moment.:rolleyes:
  13. tora

    The Dinosaurs Thread

    Here you can post what kind of dinosaur you'd wanna be. I'm T-Rex and I'd rather eat you alive :D
  14. tora

    The Art Thread-No Spoilers

    I thought here about starting a thread where we could all share our love for the art and I'm offering you the most famous painting by the famous Russian painter Ivan Aivozovsky "The Ninth Wave" Enjoy!
  15. tora

    The Best Day Of Your Life

    Of course you won't mind sharing what was the best day of your life. Enjoy.
  16. tora

    The Worst Day Of Your Life(kinda like a Freud psychoanalisis)

    Take down deep and ask yourself "What are we mad and what are we mad at?" I'm sure any of you had the worst day of your life or might be having it even today.Better share it with us and don't keep it inside.You might have an unpleasant neurosis in the future.It's now or never. Enjoy.
  17. tora

    Happy Birthday,Yudansha Yudanshevich

    Have an explosive b-day :D Here's my little gift for you :D I won't ask you this time I'll just be there as a surprise :D
  18. tora

    2day's Thought Of 2morrow

    Wait,it's gonna come in about a minute :D
  19. tora

    Thread Of The Day

    Next thread :D Hahahaha!!!!
  20. tora

    Tease you please you

    In Russian tabloids they say this lady is Seagal's girlfriend but officially she's his secretary.Cut my heart out now.:D