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    RedEye Reviews

    Hello everybody! I highly recommend the RedEye Reviews Chanel on Youtube. The guy released a funny Review Clip about every Seagal Movie. Funny as hell!
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    Steven Seagal Pic Of The Day. Here is a report from the biggest german Newspaper. Looks like that Steven gained some weight...
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    Martial Artist Scott Adkins interviewed Seagal

    To be Honest: I was very shocked because of that Interview. Realy Big Fan of Steven - and a big Fan of Scott. I loved the Art of Action Series and i enjoyed every Interview he i was very excited when i read that Steven will join the show and i pray that Steven will have Fun and is in...
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    Would you like to see Steven Seagal on the big screen again ??

    Lets stay realitic...a big budget movie with seagal in a leading role will not happen. Maybe a big supporting Role would be possible but that will only happened if Seagal would put his Ego back...he had the offer to play the main villain in Rush Hour 3 and rejected it....not a good decision im...
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    Hello from Aachen, Germany

    Hello All! I just want to introduce myself and say hello to every registered Steven Seagal Fan. It is really a great platform here and i am now very happy to be a part of it. So i hope we have a lot of fun here. nza