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    Television Steven Seagal Lawman Breaks A&E Record

    Well folks, Clint Eastwood is on the current cover of AARP ... and Steven could be too! For those of you don't know, AARP is for those of us 50+. Bruce Springsteen was recently featured on the cover too ... age is an illusion. If one measures life by age, our ruler will get mighty short after a...
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    Television Lawman - 2nd December 2009

    I haven't been here for quite awhile to say the least, but am just stopping by to say i truly enjoy watching Lawman on A&E! It is very good, and aside from the sheriff duties, gives a glimpse into Steven's interests - and music. One show features him doing a benefit concert and they showed an...
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    Thank you Anneliese - hope you are staying warm in this cold. Merry Christmas and Happy New...

    Thank you Anneliese - hope you are staying warm in this cold. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too :)
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    Whats up with

    Hi ya'll ... long time being here ... thought I'd stop by and give a bow to you all - MamaSan, Suzi, GM, and everyone. Glad THIS site is still up and running. I never bother with the "official" site - trolls are for tossing into trees aren't they lol? Craig, thanks for this great site, and...
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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    New Mexico? Wow, that's only a few states away LOL :) Hi all! Haven't been here for awhile, thought I'd stop in and see how Steven's doing. Still listening to Mojo Priest cd - very nice!
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    "Mojo Priest" Reviews !!!

    Got it! The US version with 13 tracks, from Had to wait about a month for it to finally be released here but I'm patient :) All the songs are great, but I'm fond of Talk to My Ass and Love Doctor. I've been a blues fan for many years, and this is a really good set! For cryin'...
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    THE STEVEN SEAGAL BLUES BAND:Review from Vern !!

    Thank you Suzi for the review! I've been busy for awhile, but thought I'd stop in and say hello to ya'll. Just got Mojo Priest CD ... absolutely luv it! I'm a blues fan so the music is much appreciated. Thanks again for the review :)
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    "Mojo Priest" Reviews !!!

    Can we get Mojo Priest in US?? Oh, gheez, by the way - hi to everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much lately - lots of overtime and it is garden time again. Hope everyone is doing well. Peace kickingbird
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    The Bible Thread

    Hi all, esp Storm and Mama san ... God Bless :)
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    Does Steven has an official Fanclub address??

    This board is as much a fan club as any ... sorry I haven't been around lately. Been working lots of overtime, and, as crazy as it sounds - working outside on weekends because the temperatures have been unseasonably warm due to global climate change. I was digging up honeysuckle roots on New...
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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    Thank you all for this info, especially Suzi! Always nice to know where Steven is and what he's up to :)
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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2005

    ... "Of all the trails in this world, I think the trail of a True Human Being is best ..." - Kicking Bird/Dances With Wolves
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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2005

    Regardless of what we think Steven is feeling or doing, I still admire him as a human being. What he does for environmental causes, helping with the Katrina hurricane situation in New Orleans, his quest as a Buddhist, all these are not really part of his "film star" repetriore. Whatever he's...
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    And ... there is no duality for the Truth :) It is said we create our own heaven or hell in the here and now. What we exist in here, in this living world, is the station we will exist in there - sans the physical and mental bodies. If the "form" is discarded before the death of it, and one...
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    Of course, we realize your question and that you're not slamming anyone's faith ... however, each individual can only answer in their own context. How can I say what people would do? Because I have an innate sense of the Unity between Human Beings and that Power/Light some refer to as God, it...
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    If one wishes to ask someone what would the world be like without the concept of God, one should perhaps ask someone who does not believe in God - an athiest. It doesn't take any imagination to see what lack of belief in God - love - would be like ... simply watch the evening news. Most have...
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    God? Was that who John Denver was talking to? lol (I'm back) In the beginning God was unaware of Himself. When He became aware of Himself, billions of Rays of Light burst from Him (the Souls of Humans). These Rays are endowed with the the same ability and intention to realize Themselves just...
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    Quake toll tops 20,000 in stricken Pakistan, India

    This quake is a tragedy, especially coming during Ramadan (month of fasting from dawn 'til dusk). I have been saying prayers for those affected by the quake during early morning prayers before fast begins. One consolation told by a humble Sufi Master who once said that when young children die...
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    Helen - please let Heather know NOT to ride the horse until her ribs are healed! If they are fractured, they need to heal; or they might start moving around and puncture a lung! Look at it this way, there's lots of time to take it easy and watch Steven's films :) Take care!
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    The Getting to Know you Thread (part 3)

    Just want to thank whomever sent me the e-birthday wish ! Birthday was very nice, esp when daughter sent flowers (long-stem roses). Next day was time to tear down the garden since it will most likely frost here by the end of the week. Harvested a big shopping bag full of hot peppers and...