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  1. theeverlasting

    Half Past Dead 20th Anniversary

    It's a bit goofy and lame but it's watchable on some level I guess. Shame it was his last cinema release with him in the lead. I might get my dvd out and watch it next weekend with a few beers :)
  2. theeverlasting

    New video with Seagal, interview, April 2022.

    Just found this on Youtube today when searching for Seagal stuff, this guy meets Seagal in Dubai and interviews him, very cool to see:
  3. theeverlasting

    Re-watching Seagal's movies w/Vern's Book

    I bought that book about two years ago, made me chuckle at times and also, like yourself, go back and watch some of his films again. I do get a good entertainment value out of some of his straight to dvd films, it has to be said. Always amusing moments whether spotting doubles, listening out for...
  4. theeverlasting

    Appearance in Don't Look Up (2021)

    haha, wonder if Seagal knows he features? Not seen the film personally, but maybe one day, just so I can chuckle at the Seagal 'cameo' :P
  5. theeverlasting

    Steven's Current Location

    Those are some nice photos, it's good to see Seagal enjoying his life :) Let's hope he announces a film this year but I think it's looking more and more like he's pretty much retired now from acting.
  6. theeverlasting

    Seagal done making movies??

    A cameo in Under Siege would be cool but it won't happen mainly cos Seagal just won't agree to it. He could pop up, kick a bit of arse (no stunt me please!) and then disappear. I'd like him to film something new soon but it's looking less and less likely we'll get anything now.
  7. theeverlasting

    Warner Bros remaking Under Siege.

    Aye, it was only a matter of time until this got remade. Let's be honest though, we were never going to get US3 like Seagal has been hoping for. Either way, I won't be watching any remake because it's not needed.
  8. theeverlasting

    TIME CRISIS Starring Steven Seagal

    Man, just skipping through that clip, I miss when those mid 2000 films on dvd had some budget and tried decent stuff unlike the last few films he's done... but at the same time they are still pretty bad at times haha :P Come on Seagal, give us another film or two please!
  9. theeverlasting

    Steven's Current Location

    Good find. Does Seagal own any more clothes than the one we always see him wearing nowadays? Hope he makes an announcement to fans with any plans he has lined up... be nice if he just dropped a short message or a video via his official website.
  10. theeverlasting

    Steven's Current Location

    Post a link please. Wonder what he's doing there?
  11. theeverlasting

    Seagal done making movies??

    I think it's safe to say he's ending his acting career now. It's a shame but we have plenty of movies to watch time and time again... some good and some bad. I think I have 31 of his films on DVD last time I checked haha! I live in the hope he will make one more film and really put in 100%...
  12. theeverlasting

    Steven's Current Location

    Found this last night. This was Seagal earlier this month. He's looking happy, but bigger than ever sadly.
  13. theeverlasting

    Reviews: Mercenary For Justice

    Awesome new poster haha. I quite like the film, it's not too bad.
  14. theeverlasting

    The Tip of the Spear

    It's looking increasingly more and more likely that we won't get a new movie from Seagal. Shame, I feel he has one good performance left in him, but he must pull out all the stops and really put his heart and soul into it... and raise his voice haha!
  15. theeverlasting

    out for a kill thoughts ??

    Here's a video I did on that film a few months ago for a laugh :)
  16. theeverlasting

    The Swordsman

    We need Seagal to update us himself on what he has planned. Shame he's not more engaged with fans through his official site or any social media with a few blog updates or short video message, etc.
  17. theeverlasting

    The Patriot (now on Blu-ray!)

    It always baffles me why places like Germany do cool releases like this and the rest of us miss out. I'll stick with my DVD.
  18. theeverlasting

    Favorite Seagal movies - Direct-to-Video films (2010s)

    As a few have said, Absolution and Attrition, although both have many flaws, and I've watched Code of Honour a few time on dvd and really like it, it's just a bit of a shame that with a little more money behind it and effort, it could have been a lot better made.
  19. theeverlasting

    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    Good stuff, honest answers!
  20. theeverlasting

    New movie The Legend of Johnny Jones

    Knew it was too good to believe. What a joke. Meh, it'll be a load of cheap crap anyway, of that I have no doubt. Well, maybe Seagal will make a new movie some day but I can't see one happening for a long time...