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    How effective would aikido be in a cage or ring?

    Why is aikido impractical just because it takes years to master? Aikido in itself work just fine. Has done so for me several times. Sometimes against more than one attacker. If you want a quick fix, sure, don't expect aikido to give it to you, but then that is not something people training in...
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    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Just let it be for a while and see how much he likes working out with fewer people. Alas, I'm sure he blames everyone but himself...
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    Short Aikido video clip

    Another clip. This time from the All Sweden Aikido Camp. There was a demo in conjunction with this and 3 of us 4 from Sweden aikido team going to World Combat Gamed Beijing 2010 did a brief demo. We train at very different locations and in different styles but managed to set something together...
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    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Well in general aikido is about overcoming your ego (just like most MA should be about) and sometimes we have what is called the black belt syndrome - i.e an overpowering eagerness to show off and teach rather then just shut up, guide and train. If you feel that your partner is using muscles...
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    Steven seagal's blocking skills

    You don't really block in aikido. You deflect or intercept. /J
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    Just been busy becoming doctor, professor and father!

    Just been busy becoming doctor, professor and father!
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    Kentaro Seagal and Ten Shin Dojo LA

    Do you have any information about the photo I mentioned? /J
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    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Meh, what do they know! Just do your own thing. In terms of budo flashy ukemi is nonsense anyway! /J
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    Short Aikido video clip

    Thank you! Well 31 kata was formalized by Saito Morihiro sensei as he was taught it by the founder (more or less). Saito sensei taught it to my teacher personally as well as to many others. Many would use his books and videos and try to learn and that's why you see many "ways" of performing the...
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    Short Aikido video clip

    Just a short video clip of me doing some Jiyuwaza (various techniques) after training. It will be part of personal introduction of me to the 71 aikidoka (including me) around the globe that will represent aikido at the 1'st World Combat Games...
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    Kentaro Seagal and Ten Shin Dojo LA

    Wow! It looks like Seagal and Fujitani stands with Inoue sensei (alias Hoken Inoue alias Noriaki Inoue - nephew of O-sensei and founder of Shinwa Taido). Amazing! /J
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    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Go for it!
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    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Yay! Go girl!
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    "Two fights in my life"

    Where did he say he lost the fights? /J
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    Kotegashi (sic!), it seems like vfarias asked for Seagals teachers not his students. As far as I'm aware he recieved his shodan (black belt) directly from K. Tohei (at that time head instructor at Hombu dojo, Tokyo. He also credit Hiroshi Isoyama (8 dan aikido and direct student of the founder)...
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    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Hey TD, long time since I've been here and followed your path of aikido. From an instructor and aikidokas perspective you (as uke) are never to be blamed for anything. It doesn't mean that uke can get away with 100% attacks if the person can't take 100% ukemi. But you know that. And they should...
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    New Video Of Me Training!!

    Very nice Littledragon If you are interested here are video clips of two demo we did a couple of month ago. In the "wet demo" it was pouring down and it was a little slipery. 15 minutes later, however, the sun was shining so we decided to do another one (the other clip). I was responsible for...
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    RE: Seagal 93'

    Sorry to hear about your sister Jack. May she rest in peace. /J
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    Seagal's Aikido style???

    Are you sure you don't have any around? I found these at using manila as search word and averything else open: Ps. MAC (makati aikido club) and Sacred heart aikido center seem to be two nice clubs. Philippine Budokkan Aikido Federation Inc. Traditional / Pacito...
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    Any boken gurus out there??

    Quality sometimes cost more, but not always. There are quite some variations in wood as well. A good craftman only select high quality white oak with fine grains and no cracks etc. He/She then dry it for a loong time at right conditions. The wood is then cut according to proper techniques and...