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  1. J.Lucas

    True Justice Reviews

    Nope they never found out who actually was behind the attack in the last episode of season one(which to me was the best episode of the series) Seagal had the one guy in his sights but negleted to shoot...saying something about finding the 'real' leader of the assaination group. some of the cast...
  2. J.Lucas

    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    Half Past Dead is one of the films that had a sequel too....
  3. J.Lucas

    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    couple of reasons for that no TV advertisemenst(I saw one TV commercial for ir 2 days before release) it was rated 'G" ...who ever heard of a G rated Seagal movie very limited theaters it was released to(I know it ddin't play near me) -- Only reason I new about it was because I used the Seagal...
  4. J.Lucas

    Hello! It’s been so long!

    unknown....but he seems to be spending a lot of time in Russia
  5. J.Lucas

    Hello! It’s been so long!

    He's both(dual citizenship) Russia /USA you can google Steven Seagal granted Russian citizenship...
  6. J.Lucas

    The Challenge (1982 film) choreographed by Seagal

    Yeah, I've seen it year sago before I even heard of Steven Seagal... if you look in the credits of the film you'll see choreography by 'Steve Seagal'... He later changed his name to Steven when he made Above The Law'. It's not a bad film but it's not great either. -- you can watch it here:seems...
  7. J.Lucas

    New movie The Legend of Johnny Jones

    I think it depends on what they are offering to pay Seagal for his 'appearance' Seems to me that he'll take any role as long as it pays enough...just look at some of his latest films
  8. J.Lucas

    against the dark best movie scene

    Against the Dark isn't a vampie far as I know there aren't any extras scenes...Seagal was barely in it himself it has the look af a movie that was already made with some Seagal scenes added in to be able to sell the generic zombie theme.
  9. J.Lucas

    Bounty - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White

    His head isn't in the clouds, he knows what's going on...he said the only reason he makes these movies is for a paycheck, seriously if you got 1-2 million dollars for 2-3 days work wouldn't you do it? shoot your scenes then let them edit in them where they see fit. Don't get the auidio on the...
  10. J.Lucas

    URBAN JUSTICE hits Blu-Ray (in Germany)

    Beats me....I doubt any Seagal films are actually public domain....people rent or purchase the 1080p versions thru streaming sites(like Amazon prime) then upload could just download them and burn them(if you have a Blu ray burner drive on your PC) Some of then 1080p vesrions appear to...
  11. J.Lucas

    URBAN JUSTICE hits Blu-Ray (in Germany)

    Strange name for a Sony release...'nameless'....yeah that sounds legit....or did Sony sell the title to them. and can purchase the HD version thru Amazon Prime or rent it for 3 days... if you need a hard copy then just burn it a Bluray disc. also I thought tit was called 'Renegade...
  12. J.Lucas

    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    Nope...all these 'new' Seagal Bluray releases are bootlegs made from the HD streaming versions. Not all Seagal films have Bluray releases but many now are on-line in HD....they are not rematered, but they are better than just upscaled upscaled video will get blurrier the more it's...
  13. J.Lucas

    Review: Fire Down Below

    Only scenes I'm aware of cut from ODG is the ending, Seagal originally wanted a 15mt lecture, that got cut down to 5mts. There was a whole 'love' interest with the cheif's daughter that got cut(a scene exists in the trailer) the other tribesmen didn't like it and fought Seagl about it(pic. in...
  14. J.Lucas

    Stories about Seagal (from director's , co-stars....)

    Wasn't 'Blood On the Moon' supposed to be about a mercenary helping monks flee to Tibet to escape the Chinese who were destroying their Temples and massacring the monks? Took place in the 1800's I think...
  15. J.Lucas

    Movies Film - General Commander (USA release May 28)

    General Commander is on TV this morning US channel EPIX Attrition has been on numerous times already
  16. J.Lucas

    Today You Die - Reviews

    so "Today You Die' was deliberately screwed up by the producers... -- Thanks for taking the time to post all the background crap that was going on.
  17. J.Lucas

    Today You Die - Reviews

    Cool...thank you
  18. J.Lucas

    Today You Die - Reviews

    Well thru the whole movie that what everybody wanted....I thought I'd asked...:)
  19. J.Lucas

    Today You Die - Reviews

    I don't think she was any more special than the others, she just happened to catch his attention when he first saw the 'going out of business' sign...I figured she was just the 'catalyst' for his upcoming situation. -- I'd like to know how and where he hid the truck with the money.... that was...
  20. J.Lucas

    Today You Die - Reviews

    I'm watching TYD right now...paused it....OFK was 2003...TYD was 2005...might have been his next...I don't know if Into The Sun came inbetween... Yeah...the Matrix bullets in the beginning of OFK...I'd forgotten about that....I can't believe it's been 17 years since I watched it... Yeah the slow...