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  1. Cman

    Video covers.

    To Serena. Out for a Kill Scandinavian dvd cover. :)Cman
  2. Cman

    Power Outages (I didn't touch a thing!)

    Hahaaa... No, Amos, I love animals... I just pick up very heavy stuff on my work and something went broken in my belly, maybe the beast? But everything is better now... I hope. Amos, by the way: I got that Seagal folder that we where talking about long time´s cool Suzi have few...
  3. Cman

    Power Outages (I didn't touch a thing!)

    Blackouts, outs... What a great time to make love ;) My honeymoon is over and I have to go to doctor today... :D Cman
  4. Cman

    Movies Out for a kill trailer

    :) Thanks to all Cman
  5. Cman

    Movies Out for a kill trailer

    :) Thanks girls and the others Yes, now I´m the marked man, hihiii... This time he is Marked for Married :rolleyes: Cman
  6. Cman

    green beads

    Damn they look good, so good than I can taste them on my mouth... Maybe they are made off candy? Maybe they a sugar free... I´m just joking :) :) Cman
  7. Cman

    A Few Words from Steven Seagal about Buddhism !!

    I don´t know how old this interwiev is, but here it is anyway... :) Cman
  8. Cman

    Movies Out for a kill trailer

    Hi Suzi and Rodrigo Thanks... äääh, only a few day left of my summer-holyday. In sunday I must go make some bread and another goodies, yammm... And all the Ladys there on the board: I´m no longer a bachelor... I get married after 14 years living together... She finally accpted me...
  9. Cman

    Movies Out for a kill trailer

    I`m not Suzi but... OFAK was shot in Bulgaria and Mexico.Belly in Thailand... :) Cman
  10. Cman

    Seagal DVD's From Play:

    Hmmm, now there is region 2 UK "Out for a Kill" to preoder, day earlier than US relese and little bit cheaper than the other... But is the Uk relese cut badly, that is the question :confused: There is not any rated... :( Cman
  11. Cman

    New DVD Cover for "Out For a Kill" !!

    Looking good Billy Ray...:D :) Cman
  12. Cman

    Out For a Kill out on DVD in Sweden june 25th ????

    Kwan, was it a Scanbox release? Released date was announced here 20.June :( Cman
  13. Cman

    anybody find the OFAK trailer???

  14. Cman

    out for kill info

    and those helicopters again... :D Cman
  15. Cman

    out for kill info

    damn, it was real one... :) Cman :eek:
  16. Cman

    Custom Knives?

    New info STEVEN SEAGAL & KEN ONION TEAM UP TO CREATE NEW KERSHAW KNIFE WILSONVILLE- Steven Seagal, star of action films like "Under Siege," "The Glimmer Man," and "The Patriot," has teamed up with long time pal and custom knife maker, Ken Onion, to design an exciting new blade for...
  17. Cman

    so long for a short time

    That sad to hear:( Connie keep strong... :) Cman
  18. Cman

    New release date for Out For A Kill

    Thanks Justice :) Cman
  19. Cman

    New release date for Out For A Kill

    Where do you pase this info???:eek: :cool: Cman
  20. Cman

    Steven, ex-smoker???!!!

    But maby he smokes fake cigarettes? some Oregano or...:D :) Cman