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    Different christians

    hi it doesnt really help, as my post says, i want to know the difference between the classes (although you did lightly touch past it) Obviously its about how we live our lives but I think you are making a different point than that the topic is aimed at. Thanks though. Kimono, no1s perfect, it...
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    yO Craig!

    hey craig! well done! is there a link for us to make donations? not that i could, im broke (no really, i am- its quite scary) but i think sum members would contribute because of your high resources and efforts! i wont stop posting now i found it! see you soon zookie
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    yO Craig!

    ps, serena... a hundred posts! .... where is it where is it!
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    Steven's Characters' Names

    I think a kool name would be Ytttuiamojamubooboo Schwarrtzeniger
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    Different christians

    Hi! Could someone help me! I dont understand the differences between evangelistic, orthodox, pentacostal (me) and all the other christians (cant remember them) any ideas or links? thank you!
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    yO Craig!

    thats SO kool! thank you! editing posts now ps, serena... a hundred posts! .... where is it where is it!
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    What is déjà-vu?

    Wayne you contradict yourself You believe in the bible right? ie. Psalm on your signature Well, there is no past life! that is foolishness. We have one life, that is it. Sorry, i mean unless youre not christian, then fair enough but what your saying is not christian peace
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    Mel Gibson film, "The Passion"!

    such a beautiful film
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    Im sorry Connie, but you will not go to heaven like you say. You must first accept that Jesus died on the cross for you and thank him in prayer and accept him into your life. You deny God, this will not earn you a pass in heaven. I would like to help you so if you have any questions please feel...
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    London- Kensington Temple

    hey peeps we have a talent show night on the 29th october should be kool Let me know if youre interested/ wanna find out more about Kensington Temple
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    yO Craig!

    pps. I know you probably got this but iv got a download you could use its a steven seagal comedy sketch with a look a like, ends up jumping off a room a couple of times saying he doesnt want to do wires Sorry, i know you probably know exactly what im talking about!
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    Quake toll tops 20,000 in stricken Pakistan, India

    hi. With all respect here friend... Evolution has been proved wrong by many scientists, there are lots of books on it but there are a lot of reasons it has not become a well known theory The bible (sorry now for preaching my word) says the end of the world will come like birth pain. (In...
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    yO Craig!

    ps. i was thinking a different colour like sum blue or black for the forum or silver just to provide a solid feel, providing some kinda wall security lol kinda silly huh
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    yO Craig!

    hey REspect to you for your forum! Id like to make a suggestion, i really think it would help. I think psychologically, the colour of this forum kinda holds things back and its not very warm and pleasing to the eye. I think another colour would make a BIG BIG difference. Also, i was...
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    This WAS the best Steven Seagal message board on the internet

    this IS the best ss board on the internet!
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    Black Dawn - Trailer

    Doesnt matter- at least we v still got films to look forward to
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    Sony PSP

    kk my fault for not using the net to research :)
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    Sony PSP

    no1? 22 people viewed! kk my fault for not using the net to research :)
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    What are you craving right now?

    chocolate! always craving chocolate!
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    that is intresting about steven seagal

    i understand the letter but im confused! did u write the second bit or first bit cos in the first ur saying ull pass the message but in the second someone from productions talking sorry if im confusing u now as well everythings confusing