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    Steven Seagal / Putin

    Of course Fatboy is speaking out for his butt buddy Putin and giving him a pass. This isn’t a simple misunderstanding due to media coverage. This is an unprovoked invasion from Russia on it’s neighbor. The mass killing of civilians is well-documented beyond media, we are seeing it in real-time...
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    Dear Steven Seagal

    Thanks. Very therapeutic. The fact that this post has been able to stay up this long is further proof Seagal has completely lost his fanbase. It’s hard to defend someone who is best buddies with a dictator the entire world hates right now.
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    Dear Steven Seagal

    Dear, Steven Seagal, King of Fraudsters and Huckster for Violent World Dictators, I hope the world can see what a fraud you are now, no wonder Hollywood and the rest of America doesn't want you. Despite your outwardly image as some world peace advocate, and the fact that for whatever insane...