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    Movies The Keeper - Trailer

    this is the epidemy of awesomeness! i'm sorry if i didn't spell that correctly
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    Television A&E Goes Into Production On "Steven Seagal: Lawman"

    pretty badass. :] knife fights? :]
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    Movies Official Ruslan Trailer!

    i've recently bought this movie and i give it two thumbs up way up! he looks like he's gone to the gym a couple of times before he started filming and well he seems to be doing all his own stunts. he's finally gone back to using that hardcore no hold's barred fighting which made him famous. :]...
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    Other Twitter - Official Steven Seagal Postings

    awesome nice to see that Seagal can communicate with his many fans :]
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    Movies Kill Switch Trailer!!

    Very Interesting you guys make some pretty badass trailers if you don't mind me saying. i liked killswitch it was a pretty interesting film. i just didn't like the decision that every fight scene would use recycled frames. the story itself was very entertaining though.