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    Steven Seagal Birthday Site !!

    Of all the wonderful things our Steven can do on your list, you forgot to put healer. I feel it is one of the important ones, maybe cause its one that I admire about him. Your website is terrific, you really put alot of work into it and your admiration shines through.
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    Steven Seagal Birthday Site !!

    On your list of all the wonderful things our steven is, you for healer, as that is a big part of our multi-colored big guy.
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    General Motors

    Mama San I don't often post on the website though i read through these daily. I pray that your pension is safe and that everything will be well for you in the future days and years. I am sure that everyone else on this board feels the same way. you will be in my thoughts and prayers...
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    Steven Seagal Attended Mardi Grass Parade

    Suzi, as usual the photos are terrific! Thanks for the information and keep up the good work!
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    Chuck VS Steven ?

    Steven, Steven and Steven!!!!
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    2 weeks

    Good luck and wishing you all the best! Congratulations!!
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    Happy Birthday, Suziwong!

    Happy Birthday to Suzi, Our Superspy! Wishing you a very happy birthday and many many more to come!
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    Happy Birthday, Hofmae....

    Happy Birthday Hofmae
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    To Suzi

    Yes i will enjoy it here because of all the people that are here, when I would just read some of the replies of the threads I would almost fall off my chair laughing. That is how I know I really would like it here!
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    To Suzi

    Suzi, I read in one of the threads that you were extremely upset because Steven said in an article that he does not get close to his fans, as I haven't read the article and am not sure I even quoted it right, could it possibly have meant that he doesn't let his fans get close to him in a crowd...
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    My 1st post

    Hi, My name is Lee and I want to thank everyone here at the website for wishing me a happy birthday. I have been visiting this website for years now and never posted, this site is absolutely awesome, and only that way because all of the members are awesome. Suzi, girl you rock, I don't...