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  1. kurlyak

    Movies Cartels (killing Salazar) In Theaters/ Vod July 7th

    new drugboy drama seems :) :) :) :)
  2. kurlyak

    Seagal / Onion Movie - And other stuff

    Who in present time are track relationship between Russian and Ukraine? Actually, situation like Sloravia and Azmenistan. :)
  3. kurlyak

    Love Doctor - MP3 Download

    I know much downloads from Internet are deleted from years. :) For example I seek some for me, I wanted made downloads a stuff of 1995 or 2000 years. There is no in present time. But earlier there was. I have example first variant of this song downloaded since 2005 year. Licensed stuff of 2000...
  4. kurlyak

    Nico Toscani Or Casey Ryback ??? Seagal Tweet..

    Don Nico. :-) Next part of story about legendary policeman.
  5. kurlyak

    The Expendables 4.

    May be suggest to Dolph second part Blackjack, meeteing old army friends, after 20 years, Blackjack and Blackfour. :-)