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    Sexual Allegations against Seagal

    I'm getting tired with all this accusations...
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    Deadly Arsenal - Steven Seagal, Dolph Lundgren, Gianni Capaldi

    am still waiting for that comeback Seagal movie..
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    Hello I'm Back!

    Been away for awhile... but i'm back and still a fan. Anyone seen the movie A good Man? Is it any good?
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    Boycott SEAGAL!!

    whats up yall. I joined this forum years ago and patiently waiting for Seagal real comback....
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    Television Lawman - Trailer

    Can't wait for this... heard Seagal will appear in a Robert Rodriguez flik with a list of A-list stars like robert diniro, Jessica alba.. etc.. Hopefully we can to finally see Seagal on the big screen.
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    Television A&E Goes Into Production On "Steven Seagal: Lawman"

    That is awesome news. Hmmm i heard Seagal turned down Stallone's big action movie the expendables due to a dispute with a producer... that could have put him on the big screen again... pity.
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    Big Fan of MJ too. Seagal Played at MJ concert back in 1999 in Seoul.
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    Movies Kill Switch Trailer!!

    wow not bad.... been ages since i visited this site. You guys still remember me?
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    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    Ok... based on the reviews so far... im gonna get a copy when i see it. My dream is for Seagal collaborate with Michael Bay for a comeback high octane action thriller...
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    Urban Justice - Official Trailer

    In the process of downloading.. hope its not another one of those shameless action flick.
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    Seagal blames FBI for his poor career...

    Seagal deserves better. We deserve better.
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    Review : Attack Force

    Hopefully his next movie "URBAN JUSTICE" which is set for a theatrical release will not be in vain.
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    Review : Attack Force

    Seagal deserves better. Hate to see him in low budget movies with idiotic directors and producers who are more fitted to do soaps.
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    Custom Mercenary For Justice Trailer

    Holy sheet... dude.... its awsome... good old Seagal looks tired after all those fights... haha. Can't wait man.
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    Australia Day....(26/1/06).....

    Hey Orangatuang... didnt notice you were from Australia till this post. I will be going to the land down under... to do my degree. Leaving on 13th Feb to Perth. It would be my first time there... anyway have a happy Australia day..
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    Seagal On The Biography Channel!

    Nuff Said...
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    Black Dawn - Reviews

    Damn... I was hoping for better. Y cant seagal team up with some real Hollywood directors!
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    Watch it !! Watch it !! Watch it !! Watch it !! Watch it !!

    i can only see the preview... u need to pay in order to watch the full one. Where to get the full version?
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    Ghengis Khan

    no idea.
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    Steven Seagal at Bangkok !!!

    Damn... i would have taken a flight there... should i have know at least a week away.