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  1. outforamovie

    Movies Seagal back in Theaters!!

    Wow this will be awesome if it does get a thetrical release!!!! Cant wait to see the trailer!
  2. outforamovie

    Maximum Conviction

    finally something different besids that True Justice series!!! Really excited to see how this turns out...
  3. outforamovie

    Shepherds Bush concert filmed for DVD!

    ahh more bad news :( :(..Its quite a shame really, cause i was looking forward to a concert DVD...Guess well have to wait some more
  4. outforamovie

    The ultimate "True Justice" countdown!!!

    Im not looking forward to it as i had been in the past, but still excited since it is a Seagal film afterall...i hope we get a new trailer, that would emphasize on the series being turned into films, and a better cover
  5. outforamovie

    Another commercial starring Steven Seagal?

    lol i like it!! Its so over the top, with the hot girls in the sauna and the sausage causing an explosion...Its everything people expect from action movies, and from Steven himself..I also like it when he makes fun of his 'tough guy' persona from the movies...He has put on some weight though!
  6. outforamovie

    Season 2 Lawman finished?

    No the ones that are gonna air now are 8 episodes shot back in 09, theyre left overs from S1
  7. outforamovie

    Born To Raise Hell - Reviews

    The fight scenes in themselves were fine, nothing extraordinary again, but the editing was horrendous and it destroyed most of them because quite simply, you couldn't see ANYTHING. And that is the main reason I dislike DM also I find it to be boring and done-before, and I just didn't connect...
  8. outforamovie

    Born To Raise Hell - Reviews

    I just watched the film and I have to say it was really, really good!! I really liked the dark storyline and the locations helped give the film a dark, mysterious feel to it...The thing that surprised me the most was the acting especially by the actor who played Dimitri. Amazing acting, he gave...
  9. outforamovie

    Television True Justice - Trailer

    Your Ninja Cat is AWESOME!!! :P
  10. outforamovie

    Born To Raise Hell - Reviews

    It was supposed to be released on the 19th of October, but it apparently got moved up, but we dont have any official announcement from Voltage Pictures yet
  11. outforamovie

    Born To Raise Hell - Reviews

    I havent seen the film yet, but the fight scenes look EPIC! I wish theyd stop with the whole 'awkward sex scene with a girl half of Steven's age' thing...It is NOT good
  12. outforamovie

    I love this TV show...true blood

    ban please
  13. outforamovie

    What are you most looking forward to?

    BTRH because we havent had a new Seagal movie in almost a year and Chartrand convinced me that they have made a really good action movie...Plus im kinda bored of tv shows
  14. outforamovie

    Seagal Hustler Mag. Interview Oct.2010

    its fine trust me
  15. outforamovie

    Is Steven still on tour??

    Because i remember in the Lawman episode that he played a gig with his band on the House Of Blues of Luisiana..So is he still on tour or was it just a random performance?? And if hes not, do you know if hes planning( and when) to resume touring??
  16. outforamovie

    Movies "Machete" -Red Band Trailer Online

    It looks so awesome-and Steven is BAD ASS!
  17. outforamovie

    Seagal sex harrassment suit dismissed

    Thank God!!Finally that woman understood how ridiculous her unvalid case was!!Now Steven can officially move on with his life!!!Machete here we come
  18. outforamovie

    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    Steven needs to lose weight ASAP. We all know that, and his fans might have sympathized with him these past few years, but if hes looking to make a strong cinema comeback he has to be in a slimmer physique again
  19. outforamovie

    Steven Seagal training Anderson Silva Video

    he looks good but he has to lose more pounds to become a believable action star once again
  20. outforamovie

    More negative publicity

    thanks ;)