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  1. Rodrigo

    Hi there from missing Rodrigo !!!

    People people people.... man oh man.... it´s been ages I entered this site for the last time.... 2006 !!!! Wondered how my account was.... thanks to Craig to let it active... =D Now, wanna know who´s still around from old gang..... Would love to hear from you my friends... I´ve been...
  2. Rodrigo

    Happy Birthday Rodrigo

    Hey ya girls !!! Thank you a lot for remembering my day !!! I'll keep visiting you once in a while... I'm moving to another city, will live there with a friend of mine in an apartment, it will be easier for me, better job chances and I already have my College there... I guess it will be a...
  3. Rodrigo

    Happy Birthday, Suziwong!

    Dear Friend Suzy !! Wish You Have A Great Day !! May It Be With Your Loved Ones. Many More To Come !!! Days Full Of Health, Joy, Friends !!! Miss You !!!! Kisses And Hugs !! Hot Rod
  4. Rodrigo

    Why So Quiet?

    hey partner LD !! you're right man... I myself have been a bad child to this forum, so long time a member, but I have come here very few times, university and job makes me want to rest a little more on the weekends... but here I'm, promise will be checking more often this gread Forum where I met...
  5. Rodrigo

    Happy Birthday Tora!!

    Hey Guitar Girl !!! What Is Going On ?? You Don't Visit Here As Much As You Used To Ah ??? Wonder Why ??? Wonder Why I'm Doing The Same Thing Though... :( Well, Like Our Good Friend Dragon Said, If You Stop By, Please Note That I Wish You A Great Day, May The New Age Brings You Happiness...
  6. Rodrigo

    Favorite TV Show Theme Songs

    Seinfeld rocks.... not that there's anything wrong with that... =D
  7. Rodrigo

    The Batman Thread.

    So has anyone seen the short movie of Batman Dead End, by Sandy Collora ? I posted the download url somewhere... that was a great one !! You gotta love the Bat !!! Rod, awaiting the new movie... hopefully the best since the first two ones... ;)
  8. Rodrigo

    Happy Nurse's Day To Our Site Nurse Serena And Friend Hallarian

    Well, nurses always pops on our minds as sexy simbols... :) Nurses are probably the greatest people in the world, they are there when we need it the most... when we are vulnerable... Happy Nurse day to the sexyiest nurse in the world, Serena !!!
  9. Rodrigo

    Greetings from Germany

    Hey dear... me show off ?? never !! just wanna practice my German... :) How have ya been ??? missed ya... Wish ya too a great week !! kisses and hugs my favorite candy... ;) Rod
  10. Rodrigo

    Greetings from Germany

    LOL ! Oh my God, how did you know ??? she's really pretty and young, she's about 24 I think... but that has nothing to do with it... :) wish ya a great week nurse !! Take care !! kisses and hugs to ya ! Rod
  11. Rodrigo

    Greetings from Germany

    Hallo Lanne !! Wilkommen !!! Wie Geht's ?? Ich spreche Deutsch ein bissen.. :) Hope you enjoy the site !!! Tchus !
  12. Rodrigo

    Okay Women Name Your Top Five

    I'm willing to going to USA now... Lolli and Jalu, will you take care of me ?? take good care ok girls ??? :)
  13. Rodrigo

    Okay Women Name Your Top Five

    Oh dear Lolli... miss ya girl... how are ya doing ??
  14. Rodrigo

    Okay Women Name Your Top Five

    I've been busy girl !!! I admit I've been away from you people... But... it's good... that way you don't get fed up with me... like the weekend, that only shows up once a week.. ;) Kisses and hugs babe. Rod (the hottie)
  15. Rodrigo

    Submerged Trailer

    I downloaded the file but it can't play, it says the file is corrupted or not supported by the Media Player, what to do ? download it again ?
  16. Rodrigo

    Okay Women Name Your Top Five

    I know I have my share of female admires here, but they won't name me in this thread... cause, it will be on the future thread "who you think is the hottest in bed ?" Here I'm girls... enjoy... every second... ;)
  17. Rodrigo

    World's Finest... need your help...

    Hey people !! Here's the story : Remember that wonderful work of Sandy Collora, Batman Dead End ? So, the guy got to film another short movie, The World's Finest, he was going to show it on a comic fair last year, but Warner Bros. didn't let him do so... So he distributed some DVDs...
  18. Rodrigo

    So who do find...

    Here's my perfect woman... Famke Janssen. She's got that woman feeling, not a girl... oh man.. Famke was born in Holland, in 1965, where she began her professional career as a model. She later moved to the United States, where she has made her home since 1984. Initially settling in New...
  19. Rodrigo

    Johnny Carson, King of Late Night, Dies

    How sad... he launched Jerry Seinfeld, and we know what Jerry launched later... Rest in peace Johnny. Sincerely Rodrigo
  20. Rodrigo

    Happy Birthday Suzi

    Suzi my dear, wish you a great birthday full of joy with your loved ones. It was a pleasure and an honor to meet you in 2003, such a wonderful person, a friend that I'll always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for everything !!! You were a big part in my dream of going to...