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  1. I is being redone

    Í was happy to see there is a new official website coming. It can only become better than the old one... But of course This here is and will always be the best
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    Steven's Official Web Site

    I was looking for anything about Steven, and when I found his official website, I was really disappointed. Such a great man- why didnt anybody try to do it better? Then I searched on, finding this site (and even some others, but this one was most interesting) Following Suziwongs link I found her...
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    Steven attended Concert:Feb.7,2006

    I´d love to see him in a concert live. But I cant afford travelling to america for this... Arent there no termins planned in Europe (Germany, France or Switzerland)?
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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    Thank you Suzi, these are nice photos, as we are used to get from you. I´ve just visited your wonderful website about Steven... This is such great work you have done, I couldnt stop reading and watching it every free minute during the last 3 days. And I fear I´m not ready yet. Thank you very...
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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    He should play here in germany, bad enough he didnt publish his CD here