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  1. ad_adrian

    my aikido journey in aikido

    Hey, still a brown belt, still training regulary, as there are only three belts in yoshinkan, white brown and black. It's a lonnggg progression to black, but I'm almost there, doing the steps before jun,sho Dan and then it's shodan. Which I have been waiting a long long time for. And your so...
  2. ad_adrian

    Review : Above The Law

    awesome movie. love the aikido at the beggining and love how he does heaps of aikido moves during it no subtitles awesome seagal action. driving and everythign not really anything to fault his best!10/10
  3. ad_adrian

    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    hah the first time i did a real randori, i was thrown over 4 matts across teh room and landed on my butt!
  4. ad_adrian

    Review : Attack Force

    i didnt mind the movie it was interesting but yes the dubbing was horrible i'd rate it a 5/10 average movie
  5. ad_adrian

    New Aikido Style ( Aikido Dardari Ryu )

    but nah looks good! its always good to see more aikido out there!
  6. ad_adrian

    New Aikido Style ( Aikido Dardari Ryu )

    not for me, but im sure it will apply to quite a few ppl, and it could go big, but i prefer the old style's that o sensei created! which is based from the samurai. its important to retain history. even though im not stupid and know things have to change with time
  7. ad_adrian

    Review : The Foreigner

    well i just watched it for the firs ttime then, i actually got quite into it at parts it actually had a story and depth and kept you guessing, granted i was stoned when i watched it lol i actually really enjoyed it and got into it i noticed a very good kotegeshi move in it...pretty good...
  8. ad_adrian

    Review : Flight Of Fury

    i think filght of fury is possible one of his worst movies. he looked fat and over weight and was hardly in the movie as in it was mainly all planes and that didnt even look real i was just disspointed with it and rate it lowly i could tell his voice wasnt even in it for half of the time i...
  9. ad_adrian

    Aikido/Jeet Kune Do

    why do you think that jeet kune do is useless to aikdio?>
  10. ad_adrian

    my sensei's video clip

    thanks for the reply's yes his aikido is very very real! a lot like steven's in a way, to the point
  11. ad_adrian

    Review : Shadow Man

    my review shadow man, (which i dont know why its called shadow man) i actually didnt find this movie bad but i didnt find it that good i have to admit for one of the first times in a movie i was emotional at the end and it made me smile, the little girl was cute and it was good seeing...
  12. ad_adrian

    "Two fights in my life"

    for any aikido person there is only one type of fighting and thats true budo, you dont think about it, you just do it
  13. ad_adrian

    my sensei's video clip this is my sensei mori sensei he studied directly under the great gozo shioda for 10 years as an uchi deshi
  14. ad_adrian

    my aikido journey in aikido

    well the latest in like 4 years of aikido is im now 3rd kyu which is brown belt in yoshinkan and im enjoying every party of it im actually teaching a few white belts now etc haha and the start of this post i was just a learner and now im teaching
  15. ad_adrian

    Black Dawn - Reviews

    where do i get my self a copy of this movie?
  16. ad_adrian

    Today You Die - Reviews

    some parts i was even getting bored in it, its probably the only seagal movie i hav only seen once, might watch it again though:P
  17. ad_adrian

    Today You Die - Reviews

    after buying the movie today: i was a little dissapointed with the movie, i knew about the hype, then heard everyone saying how bad it was but still i think submerged was slightly better it was good to see that aikido move in it though, and it was ok the story line kind of was jagged and not...
  18. ad_adrian

    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    congrats on ur first grading tdwoj isnt it a great feeling to be over and done with it adrian
  19. ad_adrian

    my aikido journey in aikido

    a lot has happened since my 7th kyu guys, i now have gotten my forth kyu soon it is jun 3rd kyu then 3rd kyu which is brown belt we only have white/brown and black here the next 2 gradings are supposed to be some of the hardest my aikido has improved greatly, my life has improved as aikido has...
  20. ad_adrian

    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    if they kick you out for that then the dojo is not doing u right, its a careless mistake its not as if the dojo's wre back in the 30's where u did one mistake and u were dead and went through the hell dojo, im quite sure u will be ok