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    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    Are you insane DTVDigest? Did you see the shoddy green screen work in OFAK, the editing of the prison scene, the dubbing? Oblowitz is a rent-a-director with no appreciation for the art or his audience; he was one of the first to allow Seagal all his bad behaviour and set him on the road towards...
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    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    How is a great interview? Seagal would still be a theatrical start if it wasn't for the likes of Oblowitz and Keusch!
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    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    You are delusional Dida, quite delusional, and insane. Oblowitz started the rot Seagal found himself in and he is not even apologetic about it, worse still he enabled him to become the lazy star of today. Shame on you for enabling the enabler.
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    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    Clearly Oblowitz is mad
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    How was Seagal was duped on Turkey refugee project

    Ugly story of a true con man
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    The song 'When you close your eyes'

    Not sure where/when this is from--not heard it before and not on his albums or in his movies..
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    Seagal 'bullies' Flight of Fury actress into doing nude scene

    Taken from: Actress Ciera Payton recounted to the Washington Post how she faced an incredulous Steven Seagal when she raised concerns about doing a...
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    Movies Attrition (2017) (release Sept 14)

    screener of the film is now available online if you are so inclined, I have not watched yet...
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    Machete Kills (starts production in April).

    anyone seen this book about Steven?
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    Seagalogy : New Edition

    absolutely terrible book, don't recommend it to any true discerning Seagal fan and Vern is a nasty person as well, he was very rude to me when I asked advice about publishing a similar book.
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    Steven Seagal Comic/Graphic Novel

    Hi Seagal fans. This may come across as an audacious project, but I don't care. I'm a comic book/graphic design artist and I've decided to pen a comic based on Steven himself. The main character basically IS Seagal, looking like him and in essence the man himself. I have attached the cover...
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    New book on Seagal

    Hi are you all in interested in a new humour type of book on Seagal basically weaving together a story based on his Lawman episodes, coming up with new fictitious ones using the same characters? It will tongue in cheek but never offensive to him or his movies..does this idea interest anybody?
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    New Book on Mickey Rourke

    Hi I've written a book on Mickey Rourke and thought I'd let you guys know about, if anyone is interested. Stand Alone: The Films of Mickey Rourke is the book that Rourke fans have been waiting for. Combining reviews and analytical discussion of all his films (including rare short movies and...
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    PETITION: Fans that would like to help produce a Seagal movie

    This is just an idea, and i'm very serious as are some fans on IMDB. I would like some of you in the know with Joe Halpin to seriously run this by him to see if it could ever be a goes Say if most of fans on imdb, the unofficial site and in general contributed a smallish sum...
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    The Keeper - Reviews

    Directing/Overall: This is a very well made film, its professional, slick, looks and sounds like a well budgeted movie and Waxman knows how to direct a film. The locales all look good and its very much in the vein of Pistol Whipped looks wise-in other words quality and no jarring quick stylish...
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    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    re how the hell do you have the movie already?
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    Shepherds Bush Empire-My thoughts

    how on earth did you get backstage? i waited with 20 others by the stage door in the freezing cold and were told we'd just have to wait till after 12!
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    Shepherds Bush Empire-My thoughts

    cameras were v noticeable, they were taking pictures as people were queing up outside b4 the gig. the hall was very full although i know 100 tickets were given away via a competition through a newspaper, im assuming this is just for the dvd to make the arena completely full. great night, also...