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    A Dangerous Man aka On The Run - Reviews

    I just watched A Dangerous Man and it was very good! I think it would do well in theatres. I think it is one of his best in a while. Rock on Steven!:gun: and my fav line...."just let me go by or I'll f**k you up ugly" and boy did he
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    The 'infamous' Sat Night Live show(4-20-1991)

    Awesome! thanks for sharing:)
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    Girl It's Alright Video

    well thank you Lutje, good to be here
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    Television Lawman - Limited Collectors Edition

    Ooooo I can't wait, got mine on order :D
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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    lol i know, ive been running through the movie since i watched it and i still can't figure it out either
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    steven seagal 5 part biography

    that sucks :mad:
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    Thanks for the hello & welcome, I will be here everyday, sometimes more than once lol

    Thanks for the hello & welcome, I will be here everyday, sometimes more than once lol
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    Review : Attack Force

    I loved the movie only for the fact that I got to see him...the dubbing was horrible just horrible
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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    Kill Switch... Hmmm Ive been a Seagal fan for 20+ yrs and I finally sat and watched this, i HATED the stunt double...ugh! and yes he is STILL the man and STILL looks damn good! Good story line but ended a little strange.
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    Girl It's Alright Video

    ohhh how i love this song
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    Other Twitter - Official Steven Seagal Postings

    Music... I can't wait to hear more from him...
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    Television Steven Seagal Lawman Breaks A&E Record

    Helloooo Segalland! I'm new here and have been a fan since Above The Law came out and i've been hooked ever since! ok enough with the cheezy introduction.... He really is amazing! In everything! Love him, love the show and love the music!