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  1. ZenMan

    Steven Seagal's hottest leading lady?

    For Me it was Miss Kelly Of Le Brock !!!!!! i had a massive ............... crush !!!!!! Weird Science & Woman in Red (especially "that" scene ) you guys know what i mean ;)
  2. ZenMan

    The 'infamous' Sat Night Live show(4-20-1991)

    Help Me Obi-Wan your my only Hope !!!!;) ! D:\Documents and Settings\Dean\My Documents\Downloads\Seagal Hosts Saturday Night Live(4-20-91).part6.rar: CRC failed in Seagal Hosts Saturday Night Live(4-20-91).avi. The file is corrupt ! D:\Documents and Settings\Dean\My...
  3. ZenMan

    Steven Seagal Biography

    Did anyone happen to cacth Steven Seagal biography on Sky (uk) channel Bio , they showed it before the first 2 episodes of Lawman the other night . It seemed to be quite an indepth bio and was very up to the minute as regard showing you filming from Lawman . Just thought i would give the...
  4. ZenMan

    The 'infamous' Sat Night Live show(4-20-1991)

    Mr Lucas, i thank u for ur time effort and willingness to share 1 problem maybe you could help me with ....... Cant get any of the rars to work when u try extracting them it says ....file is corrupt - unexpected end of archive any help would be appreciated so that i can view...
  5. ZenMan

    Seagal Private Collections Video

    thanks for sharing ***ZenMan***
  6. ZenMan

    are u still well....i often think about you , let me know u are ok xxx

    are u still well....i often think about you , let me know u are ok xxx
  7. ZenMan u doin ma lady ???? u doin ma lady ????
  8. ZenMan

    ZenMan, Happy Birthday!

    Thank u both very much .......
  9. ZenMan

    Hello Everyone

    Hi !!!! Who Remembers Me & Who Doesn't ? Its been a while .......... Take it Easy ;) ***ZenMan***
  10. ZenMan

    Sereeeeeeeeeeeena !!!!!!!!!!!

    "Life without friendship is like the sky without sun" You Are My Sun ......... xXx
  11. ZenMan

    Perth Concert Hall March 7th

    Hi All Just a quick note to say i went last night to see the "Great One " at perth concert hall and it was F**kin amazing to be standing a few feet away from the man himself was surreal ?!?! An Excellent guitar player and good singer who had no pompus Hollywood attitude. A Truly...
  12. ZenMan

    Review : Attack Force

    Hi All.................... Long Time Eh ? watched "Attack Force" Last night and was thoroughly dissapointed ! Was really impressed with Shadowman and then this is Seagals next film ....What a let down , Voice Dubbing really spoiled it for me its pretty much the whole way through the film ...
  13. ZenMan

    Merry Xmas !!!!!

    Merry Christmas !!!!! Hello All I'd Like to take this chance to wish you all a very happy christmas and a fantastic 2006 MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!! *ZenMan*
  14. ZenMan

    Hello guys !!!!

    Hi All just dropping a note to say that i dropped by the chat forum on fri night for a chat had a quick 2 min chat with lonewolf , went to get something to eat , had my food sat on the setee while i drank my herbal tea ( lemon & ginseng) and the next thing i knew it was 7am saturday morning...
  15. ZenMan

    Happy Birthday, Storm!

    Happy Birthday Storm !!!!! Enjoy your day .......... u'll soon be the same age as me ?!?:D
  16. ZenMan


    Amen to that storm !!!!!!;)
  17. ZenMan

    Hello to Friends Old and New !!!!

    Storm so nice to hear from you again !!!! Storm .......... have you read my profile ? did u see that my favourite movie was "BRAVEHEART" .......... why do u think that is ;) .Any ideas :D i'll leave it with you !!!!! Oh yeah and as well as being a blue blooded scot i support with...
  18. ZenMan

    Hello to Friends Old and New !!!!

    Glimmer Man , believe me i'm way past being zen to these assholes !!!! But hey i suppose i'm on a paid holiday , cool .....lose the head at the boss and you get a holiday ...............;) Serena !!! Good to see you are still witty and funny !!! u make me smile !!!!!:D i just hope...
  19. ZenMan

    Hello to Friends Old and New !!!!

    I was supposed to be Back !!!! Hello All U remember when i said i was back to stay etc,etc , well i wasnt i thought i was but it turns out i was not .....this has really pissed me off beyond all recognition , as it made me out to be a liar tofriends family and friends on this board...
  20. ZenMan

    Hello to Friends Old and New !!!!

    just a quick message to say i am home to stay ( for good i hope) after many months away , i have missed the chats and posts of a lot of the regulars and i look forward to getting to know the new members that have joined since i was last here Thought about a lot of you when i was away , so...