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  1. bellyofb


    so seagals double is now his sidekack as well... lmao
  2. bellyofb


    thanks for trailer. but a lot of fight doubles in there and it looks cheap as hell... too bad for lionsgate
  3. bellyofb

    Movies Force Of Execution trailer

    well (1) Waxman is a talented director (2) he makes low budget movies looking very good (3) trailer/film looks promising (4) good cast (5) ben foster is a bad ass figther (could be a next seagal) but after all seagals double will kill this filme at the end - like alaways sad thing
  4. bellyofb

    True Justice S2: Dead Drop

    "New" Stills
  5. bellyofb

    Maximum Conviction

    indeed better than the previous one.
  6. bellyofb

    Maximum Conviction

    its good to have people like cassidy in here. maybe an admin should ban you or giving you a break for a month to think about yourself. whatever, from this moment i am not sharing anymore information with you. do it yourself. and of course i got two emails from voltage. proof ahead.
  7. bellyofb

    Maximum Conviction

    The trailer will be released on may, the 11th (next friday). thx 2 Brittany from Voltage Pictures
  8. bellyofb

    Maximum Conviction

    i emailed them: but she doesn´t replay again.
  9. bellyofb

    thank you very much for birthday congratulations

    thank you very much for birthday congratulations
  10. bellyofb

    game of death

    they shot the movie before he goes to jail.
  11. bellyofb

    game of death

    new movie with snipes is out. does anyone seen it yet?
  12. bellyofb

    Another commercial starring Steven Seagal?

    what happened to seagal? did he raid a fast food restaurant or two?
  13. bellyofb

    Review: Marked For Death

    ive seen the bluray version yesterday and it was awesome. very good quality and seagal as its best.
  14. bellyofb

    Steven Seagal training Anderson Silva Video

    the video is not available in my country.. copyright issues
  15. bellyofb

    Naked pictures of Seagal's accuser leak...

    i am waiting for the sex tape *jk*
  16. bellyofb

    Seagal Being Sued for Sexual Assault!

    for german readers
  17. bellyofb

    Steve Austin`s THE STRANGER

    lit looks rubbish
  18. bellyofb

    Dolph Lundgren's ICARUS first look!

    sounds good so far
  19. bellyofb

    Dolph Lundgren's ICARUS first look!

    could you please add some screenshots to your preview
  20. bellyofb

    Dolph Lundgren's ICARUS first look!

    its coming out on april the 29 in germany.. so i am waiting one month =)