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    Television Lawman - Season 3 - January 2012

    I havent seen it advertised or aired
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    Kentaro Seagal and Ten Shin Dojo LA

    Kentaro does look like Steven when he was Kentaro age. Miyako and Steven must be so proud that he's keeping the teaching of martial arts alive for future generations. I wouldn't be suprised if Shantaro and Suzu (kentaro kids) follow in their footsteps of teaching.
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    This site

    I can't get logged in on this site on my main account on my laptop. I try dozens of times and then I give up and have to go to my secondary account to get in this site. :confused: Lisa
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    login to this site

    I've been having trouble logging into this alot lately. I had my computer scanned for viruses by me and my computer guy and neither of us can find viruses on this laptop.
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    Steven Seagal's middle name?

    I read somewhere his middle name is Fredric
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    steven's music

    i'm looking for the soundtrack of Fire Down Below
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    Elle,Steven with Baby: Did you watch it ?

    I think he meant to say he already has 6 kids and the baby makes 7. With the exception of Savannah I think most are grown on their own or in college.
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    Elle,Steven with Baby: Did you watch it ?

    Steven does look like the proud papa in the show the other night
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    Steven's grandparents origin

    I thought Steven's father was Jewish and his mother was Irish Catholic. Lisa
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    Kentaro Seagal and Ten Shin Dojo LA

    Steven should be proud of Kentaro in keeping the teaching legency in the family being that his parents teach or taught Aikido and his grandfather Seagal was a math teacher.
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    Type in one thing that Steven Seagal and you have in common?

    Steven and I are both born in April and both are aries.
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    Long Way Round - From Fire Down Below

    I love this song
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    Kentaro Seagal and Ten Shin Dojo LA

    Steven must be proud Kentaro followed in his father's and mother's steps teaching martial arts.