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  1. SimonLustenberger

    My first Producer-Credit

    The Trailer is out!
  2. SimonLustenberger

    My first Producer-Credit

    Here is the official Poster:
  3. SimonLustenberger

    New Horror Movie TREATERS

    Awesome, thank you! i really appreciate it!
  4. SimonLustenberger

    New Horror Movie TREATERS

    Hi Everybody Last week we startet the Kickstarter on Indiegogo for our upcoming Horror Movie TREATERS. Check it out: The Campaign ends September 25th 21.
  5. SimonLustenberger

    My first Producer-Credit

    I`m proudly presenting you „INTO THE NIGHT“ by Fighter V! My first produced music video. The official Music Video for the upcoming Movie THE BARN PART II!
  6. SimonLustenberger

    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    Great Interview Dida! Thanks!!!
  7. SimonLustenberger

    The Foreigner (now on Digital)

    That would be great!
  8. SimonLustenberger

    Operation Seawolf - Dolph Lundgren

    Cool! War Pigs was pretty good.
  9. SimonLustenberger

    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    Just got Urban Justice on Bluray!
  10. SimonLustenberger

    My first Producer-Credit

    Hello everybody! I`m happy to share with you that I got my first Producer-Credit for the upcoming Horror/Slasher-Movie “The Barn: Part 2”!
  11. SimonLustenberger

    Do you recommend watching these movies ?

    Yep, Shadow Man
  12. SimonLustenberger

    The Swordsman

    Sounds interesting. Could be something in the vein of "Lone Wolf and Cub".
  13. SimonLustenberger

    Interview / Updates Keoni Waxman!

    Great interview. It would be cool if Seagal gets a role in the "The Hard Way" Sequel.
  14. SimonLustenberger

    Survivor / Hard Night Fallin' (first 4 Towers) - Dolph Lundgren

    Lets hope its better than THE TRACKER. Bought THE TRACKER on DVD (4/10)