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  1. lee nicholson

    Hello all my dearest friends

    Hi Suzi (Long time no speak) Hope you're OK?
  2. lee nicholson

    Code Of Honor - Steven Seagal, Craig Sheffer (completed)

    This is one of my favourite Seagal movies (theatrical or otherwise) It's a genuine bad-ass role for him. The twist was pretty good, marred only (as you said) by the CGI blood and not enough Seagal fights (perhaps they should have filmed Seagal in all of Craig Sheffers fightscenes too, given the...
  3. lee nicholson

    Payback (True Justice)
  4. lee nicholson

    Steven Seagal / Putin

    Putin wants a unified USSR, hence his initial show of force near the borders. To Be honest, America (Biden especially) are provoking matters by getting involved. Had they kept out of it, Putin would have paraded his (frankly,semi-ancient) weaponary around these regions (like he did in Georgia in...
  5. lee nicholson

    Seagal done making movies??

    BTW, no disrespect to the director.....but *this* movie was really sloooooooooooooow (really padded)
  6. lee nicholson

    Warner Bros remaking Under Siege.

    Although I'll wager both Warners & Seagal are not each others Christmas card list, the remake should(at least) feature a cameo by Seagal (if only for brand-recognition) Better yet.....what better way to 'pass-the-torch' (so to speak) than have Seagal play 'Strannix'? (which would great, if he...
  7. lee nicholson

    The Tip of the Spear

    I prefer (or at least, don't mind) the goatee too (like my own goatee......It hides a multitude of 'chins') :D Personally I thought Seagal looked quite trim in (most of) 'DRIVEN TO KILL' (which is one of my fave films of any Seagal-era) As much as we all bemoaned the (once non-stop slew of)...
  8. lee nicholson

    Reviews: Mercenary For Justice

    Looks like They've taken Seagals 'features' and zoomed them onto another (slimmer) outline/frame? I noticed the other day that 'Signature Entertainment' (who have re-released this) have also re-released ''Wake Of Death" (with JCVD) but have left the artwork untampered. I gues the company has...
  9. lee nicholson

    The Swordsman

    Seagal teaming up with the author of childrens books?
  10. lee nicholson

    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    Interesting article about Randall Emmett, Oblowitz, Seagal and the STV market:
  11. lee nicholson

    A Good Man - Reviews

  12. lee nicholson

    Seagal vs Lebell

    This urban-myth came around at the dawn of internet chat-rooms (primarily) by 'Seagal-Haters' and has morphed (via chinese-whispers) as Seagal continued to piss more and more people off. I know Seagal can be a jerk, but another of his traits (that even I as a fan, can admit) is that he rarely...
  13. lee nicholson

    Operation Seawolf - Dolph Lundgren

    Despite buying the Blu-ray, I've never really liked the movie (it's TOO corny for my liking) :)
  14. lee nicholson

    Operation Seawolf - Dolph Lundgren

    Yeah, I like Dolph too.....He put's in the hard work (on both sides of the camera) but I find most of his output deathly dull. He (invariably) plays 'Russians' throughout his career (thanks to his break-out role in 'Rocky IV') but he slunk into DTV land, long before the likes of JCVD or Seagal...
  15. lee nicholson

    Favorite Seagal movies - Direct-to-Video films (2010s)

    Agreed, it needed trimming around 10-15 minutes (the build up went too long and it seemed to take forever for the action to kick-in)
  16. lee nicholson

    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    I wonder if Mr Oblowitz has any B-roll footage or on-set stills (from either movie) he'd like to share with the site?
  17. lee nicholson

    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    Nice interview Dida (appreciate your effort) As others have said, 'The Foreigner' (despite it's confusing set-up) is a solid, well made movie (with sparse fight scenes)....Whereas 'Out For A Kill' is confusing (with some great fight scenes) if only they could meld the two movies (in terms of...