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  1. katw_03

    Your Music Favorites

    Great Song!! I have always loved that song, reminds me of someone in my past, that a small part of my heart belongs to....:(
  2. katw_03

    Happy Birthday, Heather! (Orangatuang)

    Heather Happy Birthday Heather!
  3. katw_03

    Describe Seagal In One Word.

  4. katw_03

    If You Could Ask Seagal One Question What Would It Be?

    Since You Are in Memphis so often, will you please take me for that sunset stroll along side Riverside Drive? ;) :D
  5. katw_03

    Quake toll tops 20,000 in stricken Pakistan, India

    Bless their poor hearts, wish there was something I could do to help, in some way. Life isn't fair..... :(
  6. katw_03

    Describe Seagal In One Word.

    "Soothing" (sigh)
  7. katw_03

    Thanks Folks...

    Heather I am so very happy & relieved that you are recovering nicely. I have heard that broken ribs are especially painful. :( Just take care and know we love you girl.....
  8. katw_03

    2 Year Anniversary Here!

    Ld Congratulations on your 2 year mark! :cool:
  9. katw_03

    The Getting to Know you Thread (part 3)

    Me too......for a little while :)
  10. katw_03


    Heather.... You get to feeling better, girl! Do what the doctor says.....We miss you! I'm sending you a warm hug from Arkansas! :)
  11. katw_03

    2day'z Word.

    Headache :rolleyes:
  12. katw_03

    Why did steven change his rug?

    Glimmer My sentiments EXACTLY Glimmer........ ;) :D
  13. katw_03

    Whats On Your Mind?

    I really believe my friend is overworked. I wish she would slow down a bit. As the old saying goes, "take time to smell the roses" :) Thank you Anneliese! You are precious! :)
  14. katw_03

    Whats On Your Mind?

    What's on my mind? Concern for a friend....... :(
  15. katw_03

    Finally Giant Squid photographed !!

    :D :D Glimmer!
  16. katw_03

    Current News (Part 4)

    When will it ever end? How many have to die? What is the purpose, to help people that don't even want us in their country....Give me a break :rolleyes: And to those who will respond, What if it were YOUR child who died senselessly? It would be different then. It gives me chills just to think...
  17. katw_03

    I Hate It When...

    Exactly Don't you worry DEAR! I am making choices, and taking chances!! Makes life much more exciting!
  18. katw_03

    I Hate It When...

    I hate it when.... Someone thinks you have not lived your life, the way they think you should have. :rolleyes: :indiffere
  19. katw_03

    Happy Birthday Tora!!

    Tora I have already wished you a Happy Birthday! ;) I hope you have had a memorable & FUN Birthday! Love, KAT
  20. katw_03

    2day'z Word.

    Perplexed (once again)