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  1. Bubbaboo136

    Cancellation of uk tour/new movie

    I know I've said this a lot but you never know maybe under seige 3
  2. Bubbaboo136

    Beyond The Law - Steven Seagal, Johnny Messner, DMX

    I wonder when we can expect a trailer haha
  3. Bubbaboo136

    A Single Man (2019) - Steven Seagal (filming)

    Hell yeah
  4. Bubbaboo136

    Q&A with Seagal at Fan Expo Toronto

    I enjoyed this interview a lot ! He also talks about idk how to spell his name but he talks about Jen LaBelle kinda more towards the end. I enjoyed this a lot thank you for the upload !!!
  5. Bubbaboo136

    Favorite Seagal movies - Direct-to-Video films (1990s/2000s)

    Dam this one was hard lol I say urban justice, the keeper, & a dangerous man
  6. Bubbaboo136

    Steven's Current Location

  7. Bubbaboo136

    Attrition dvd and bluray releases

    Dang so that's a good thing meaning people actually want to see this movie & there out of stock already lol! Back order i believe means they have so many people buying the movie that they can buy it but they won't get it until they get more copy's i believe
  8. Bubbaboo136

    Attrition rating on IMDb

    I feel like once it comes out of DVD a lot more people will buy it and rate it better. Let's be fair, it didn't get a proper release until now so honestly not many people got to even see it yet, i feel like it deserves a 5.8 let's be real seagal actually acted and did amazing fight scenes. It...
  9. Bubbaboo136

    Seagal done making movies??

    I honestly don't think he's done I just personally think his next movie will be under seige 3. Well see though
  10. Bubbaboo136

    Seagal and Matsuoka

    Kinda off topic a slight bit but if you type in Steven seagal on Google & click news Joe Rogan just came out with a video appraising Steven seagal saying his martial arts is 100 legit etc which of course we all know that but for him to say it and it already has 500,000 views it's about time...
  11. Bubbaboo136

    It´s confirmed! Seagal really met Bruce Lee before Lee´s death

    I always knew seagal wouldn't lie. I always knew they were true!!!
  12. Bubbaboo136

    Under Siege 3

    If it were to happen i think a good villan or co star might be Jerald butter, maybe Jackie Chan as the bad guy hmmmm
  13. Bubbaboo136

    To all my dearest friends

  14. Bubbaboo136

    Happy Birthday Steven Seagal

    Happy birthday I hope your in the dojo showing all these youngsters you still got it lol
  15. Bubbaboo136

    A Single Man (2019) - Steven Seagal (filming)

    Hmmmmmm I'm intrigued, I'll stay optimistic about it even though i have no idea what it's about BUT.. I'm going to say SEAGAL has filmed enough there to Maybe possible know what to do and what not to do so hopefully this one will be decent
  16. Bubbaboo136

    A Single Man (2019) - Steven Seagal (filming)

    Wait if he's back filming a new movie why isn't there any information on it haha
  17. Bubbaboo136

    Movies Film - General Commander (USA release May 28)

    Yes it's to bad after the allegations were cleared they couldn't go back to fliming the rest of the series
  18. Bubbaboo136

    Movies Film - General Commander (USA release May 28)

    Ugh my connection is bad at work now I gotta wait to watch the trailer till I'm home lol
  19. Bubbaboo136

    The cut-out episode of True Justice S 2!!!

    Steven needs to update us somehow on something, things have been quit for a couple of weeks ! Bad boys 3 is being made, rush hour 3 is gonna happen, Rambo 5 is coming ugh seagal needs ud3