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    Tenshin Dojo Europe News

    I don't do Instagram or Facebook, so I hope those who do will keep us posted here on anything new they see! Thanks very much!
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    Missed opportunity

    I don't know how serious it ever was, but I would STILL love to see an UNDER SIEGE 3. I keep seeing things about new LETHAL WEAPON movie, new BEVERLY HILLS COP, etc., so it seems like US3 would fit right in.
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    The Patriot (now on Blu-ray!)

    I think you hit on something there. Maybe compared to his greatest hits, so to speak, it pales somewhat, but when compared to some of the movies that were ahead, it comes across as a really decent movie. And being a fair bit older myself now, I enjoy it more than I did when I first saw it.
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    The Patriot (now on Blu-ray!)

    I actually just found out about this release recently and have it ordered at this moment. Hopefully be here in a week or so. While The Patriot wasn't quite up there with the Hard To Kill and Above The Law quality, it is still a "movie theater" looking movie, as in doesn't have that...
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    Review : Flight Of Fury

    Yep, I know that's true! Just not what I look for , really, when I sit down to watch an action movie. Thanks for replying though!
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    Review : Flight Of Fury

    Not posted here in some time, sorry to see how slow it is around here now. Hope it picks up soon, this is a fun site! I have a question regarding Flight of Fury.I have read that some other countries ( I am in U.S.A. ) actually censor some violence from movies before releasing on DVD or Blu Ray...
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    Which Dtv Movie Would You Like To Have A Sequel?

    Well, that pretty much settles it! First, a sequel to The Keeper and then a sequel to Maximum Conviction! Set one in Asia and one in New Mexico or Seattle, then we get two great movies! :D Thanks Dida!! Kevin
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    Maximum Conviction Or The Keeper Sequel ????

    Yeah, I'd have to go with The Keeper as well, I really enjoyed Max Con a lot, but there was just something really special about his character in The Keeper, I love that movie, seen it twice and keep thinking about it, it really touched me. I would love to have a few more with that character...
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    Which Dtv Movie Would You Like To Have A Sequel?

    I know I'm coming in to this really late, but if I was voting, I'd go with The Keeper and Maximum Conviction as well, love them both in different ways. Dida, I have not seen you mention it, so does this mean that Keoni Waxman has never replied back to your email regarding this? I was really...
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    The Keeper - Reviews

    The Keeper ranks up there with my very favorite Seagal movies, all, not just DTV ones. I'm not sure if anyone else got the same feeling from it, but it really is special to me just from the perspective of where I am in my life right now. Also, some quality movie making techniques helped that...
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    Driven To Kill - Reviews

    I recently re-watched Driven To Kill for the 2nd time in a year or so. I always try to watch a movie at least 2 times before I give a real firm opinion on it, and this one is a good example of why I do that. I had an impression, before I watched it this time, that there was something I was...
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    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    I just rewatched Urban Justice for the first time since it was a new release, some 7 years ago, I think. Actually, if I remember right, I had only joined this forum shortly before it came out, it was the one I remember everyone was talking about and hoping for good things from. Kind of off...
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    Maximum Conviction - reviews

    I got a little behind in my Seagal movies, been catching up the past few weeks, recently watched Maximum Conviction, twice in fact, over a few weeks time. I really, really like it! I am also a big fan of Steve Austin's movies, so for me it was as good a film when he was on screen as when Seagal...
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    Van Damme too strong for Seagal??

    Well, for my part, I like them both, at least as action stars, since I don't really know them as people. I also like Wesley Snipes, Chuck Norris, and Dolph Lundgren, from an action movie perspective, among many others. I don't really understand the need to place one above the other except as...
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    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    Thanks for the reviews Craig and all, it really sounds great! It's going to be a long couple of months till it comes out over here! Thanks again for giving us something to look forward to! Kevin
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    Movies Urban Justice aka Renegade Justice

    Where?? And, more importantly, how was it??? As good as we have been hearing? Any sort of review would be cool! Thanks! Kevin
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    Hello to the group!

    Thanks for all the welcomes, I am enjoying this site very much! :-) Kevin
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    Shadow Man - Official Trailer

    Either someone fixed it or the problem is somewhere else, I downloaded and it play fine. Actually looks really good! Kevin
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    Hello to the group!

    Thanks, Bunny!
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    Review: On Deadly Ground

    I just recently watched On Deadly ground for the first time myself, and I have to confess, the "message" of the film didn't detract from my enjoyment of it a bit. I really enjoyed the fight scenes and I thought Michael Caine was terrific as the bad guy. I appreciated it even more after watching...