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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    Still as handsome as ever, and sexy ;mmmmmm. mmmmm. Love from Enza in England
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    Happy Birthday Mr. Steven Seagal

    Happy birthday, we all respect you and wish you all the best. All my love, Enza from Peacehaven, UK
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    to marry steven

    Marry me Steven I am single cant get a boyfriend who I want. I get dumped all the time. I am very unlucky in love. I can't find true love.:confused: Happy new year to all of you Seagal fans Love Enza
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    Other Twitter - Official Steven Seagal Postings

    Love you Steven I want to marry you. x x x
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    to marry steven

    He isnt the marrying kind but he would still look after you I suppose. Love you
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    Movies The Keeper - Trailer

    Thank you so much it looks great Steven looks really hundsome (sorry about spelling) Love to all, Enza
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    Have you meet Mr Seagal?!

    I saw him in Worthing, Sussex. He played with his band, I was in the front of him, he looked at me and I turned away I was so nervous he is great and a good sense of humour, love you steven sorry I turned away, Love you very much keep up the good work you do. xxx Enza from Peacehaven in England.
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    Other Twitter - Official Steven Seagal Postings

    can I have the proper web address for his twitter site please. Thanks Enza from Peacehaven. Love you Steven.
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    David Carradine ..

    I was very saddened about his death. God bless you you will go to heaven David thats for sure. Good bye. Enza
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    "Steven We Love You"(off-topic)

    Stevie we all need you here, tell us what your up to and speak to us here your loving fans. Enza from Peacehaven, UK
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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    Hope we see him soon I miss seeing him on T.v.
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    "Steven We Love You"(off-topic)

    Happy birthday Love you lots, keep up the good work.
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    Steven at Cliffs Pavillon, Southend on Sea

    I too took photos of him and his band when he came to England. He was in Worthing W Sussex, and I had front row. I nearly touched him. Love you Steven, what are you up to now?
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    Steven Seagal Meets with Costa Rica President

    Thanks Suziwong. I am glad we know what he is doing and he is still getting out and about. He is amazing, his energy never diminishes. He always looks cool and healthy. How can we ever repay you Suzi do you get paid for all our updates. Many regards and best wishes, Enza from Brighton
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    Hi sorry I did not get back to you before. How are you and where do you live, do you live here...

    Hi sorry I did not get back to you before. How are you and where do you live, do you live here in England?
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    Some News..

    Keep us posted Heather would love to help with the name of the cd. Love you Stevie.
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    Music Steven's New Album "MOJO PRIEST"

    New Album Looking forward to it too. Love you as alwsays Seagal.
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    Steven at Manhattan- Newyork

    Suzi thanks very much, he looks good. God Bless him. How do you do it?
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    What do you like most on Steven Seagal?

    I think Tiger Feet has hit the nail on its head, she or he has said - And his whole way of thinking and being and perceiving. None of the rest of it would work for me if he wasn't WHO he is - a caring, thoughtful, sensitive, spiritual person who approaches life with intelligence and a gentle...
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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    He is busy but we still remember him. God bless you Stevie. Love you Enza from England, at least I saw him in the front row.