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    How to do Attached Thumbnails

    I'm not sure if you've figured this out yet, Seagal_lover, but I've moved this thread from the "We Love You Steven Seagal" section to the Site Discussion section. In case you haven't found how to post attachments yet, hopefully you'll find this helpful. First, scroll down past the "Reply...
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    moving postings

    Sorry, Mike. That thread was deleted. It was deemed by the administrators as not appropriate for this particular fan-based forum. Any further discussions on this may take place through PMs. Thanks. :)
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    Some of the older members will remember this, but some of our newer members may not have known. Here's a brief rundown on Steven's participation with the Sheriff's team in the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, in September of 2005, after Hurricane Katrina. Steven was interviewed by Rita Cosby on...
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    My Flight of Fury REVIEW!

    Try this link, Gui. :) Are you familiar with where the Movies Reviews threads are located? If not, or in case anyone else needs to know, from the main Forum page, where you see the different sections, like News, General, Movies...
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    Steven SEAGAL caricature

    Hard to muster energy when the temperature is below zero Fahrenheit here.:eek: :D Here's a link to a thread I created way back, NathanaelROUX. Enjoy. :)
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    The Getting to Know you Thread (part 3)

    Mama san and Heather, my prayers and good wishes are with you both. :) You're both strong women--and also a bit stubborn ;) :D--and I'm sure you'll both do well. Mama san, that's wonderful news about the negative whole body scan! Now keep on working to get out of that wheelchair. If anyone...
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    Seagal Slams Copycat Actors

    Okay, it looks like everyone has shared their "personal opinion"--some a few times. :D And yes, while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, taking a thread as completely off topic as this one has gone is not permitted and is quite unfair to the person who started it. And since it looks...
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    Newbie..Newcastle gig

    So glad you had such a great time, Fio. :) And even happier you got so close to him. ;) :D Here's that one dark picture of yours I lightened up a bit. Thanks for your pics and the review. :)
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    moving postings

    There IS a redirect left in the original forum. Just click on it. Or simply click on your name to find your posts. :)
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    Happy New Year...

    Wishing everyone a healthy, safe, and Happy New Year. :)
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    Craig,Happy Birthdays

    Happy Birthday, Craig! :) Hope you had a great day.
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    Steven Attended Mss. South Asia 2007

    I can't believe Suzi is kind enough to post an interesting article here and all some of you can comment on is a picture posted by another member. :rolleyes: With Suzi's permission, this thread is closed. Thanks for the effort, Suzi. :)
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    Quotes From Premier Magazine 1992

    No doubt it's because the Thailand article was an old interview and had been posted previously, along with pictures in the gallery, so one of the administrators took it off. If anyone is unsure if something has already been posted, they can check the particular section of the forum, such as...
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    Video Game: Final Option

    Have you guys seen this before? :D It never made it into stores, but here's a clip.
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    What have I missed

    Still lurking about. ;) :D Real nice to see you, Derek. :) Sounds like you've been having a great year while you were gone from here! Lucky you!
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    Steven in Almaty-Kazakhstan !!!

    These are great pictures, Suzi! :) Thank you so much for this latest info on Steven. I know you go to a lot of personal expense to give us many of these pictures and we appreciate it! And he looks goooood, doesn't he? ;) :D
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    Steven Seagal Biography Channel 2005

    Here's the direct link that you can just click on. I'm not sure where you live, but you should be aware they don't ship outside of the U.S. and Canada, and their site says deliveries to Canada may take two to eight weeks. Good luck! :)
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    Steven Seagal Biography Channel 2005

    No, we can't do that, as the DVD is still for sale through the A&E Biography store. That would be like downloading a bootleg movie of his through the internet instead of purchasing it, something we don't condone or discuss on the forum. :)
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    The Memphis Kings of eBay

    Okay, everyone--got your PayPal account number ready? ;) :D Memphis Flyer September 14, 2006 How do you measure fame? That’s easy — by the number of items a celebrity has listed on eBay. So we did a quick scan of the online auction and made some surprising discoveries. There's only...
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    how can i find the album which steven seagal made

    Hi, Malerick. :) Ummm, have you clicked on recently? ;) It, like other "official" sites before it, bit the dust. :rolleyes: But, as usual, "stayed tuned" for another one. :D But even when they were up and running, they never had "everything", in my opinion (nothing...