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    Review : Shadow Man

    A better of the worst Seagal movies. Not really bad but very far from good. Seagal ist very lame, boring fight scenes, average action. Acting ist very poor. The story is also pretty bad. He definitely needs a good one. "Shadow Man" gets 4,5/10
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    Review : Attack Force

    The movie is really really bad. I am so sorry that Steven still keeps making bad movies. This one is a real stinker, together with "Black Dawn" his worst movie. Please Steven come back with "Urban Justice"! Attack Force gets 2,5/10
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    Steven at Moscow

    Philipp Kirkorov is a popular russian singer;)
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    Steven at Moscow

    thank you again for these amazing photos. Great man, this Steven Seagal
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    Steven at Moscow

    Fantastic fotos, thank you so much!
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    Making of MFJ Video (As Requested)

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    Video covers.

    German Mercenary For Justice
  8. _Steven Seagal_

    Movies Steven's Upcoming Movies - 2008

    German Mercenary for Justice release: 9. May 2006 (rental), 7. July 2006 (purchase)
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    Black Dawn - Reviews

    (Unfortunately:( ) Just watched the movie in german and it was really terrible. After "Into The Sun", Steven topped himself with "Submerged" which I really enjoyed then "Today You Die", I loved the movie, was better the the two - Thank you Mr. FauntLeRoy! But this movie is a really stinker...
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    Video covers.

    The Foreigner - Black Dawn german
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    Today You Die Poster

    Its a german poster, looks really great!
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    Movies Steven's Upcoming Movies - 2008

    Germany Black Dawn Release: 09. May 2006
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    Movies Black Dawn Trailer Online!!

    YEAH MAN! The TRAILER for upcoming Steven Seagal-DTV-Movie BLACK DAWN is now online! Watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLICK HERE Downloadable version here. - Edit by Craig
  14. _Steven Seagal_

    Today You Die - Reviews

    I also watched the movie and it was his best DVD-Movie, really! The Fights were spectacular and Steven much better than in other dtv-movies. I think it is impossible that Black Dawn can top this movie. Steven ist back! 8,5/10
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    Video covers.

    "Today You Die"-German DVD-Cover
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    Movies Today You Die Trailer

    ooohhhhhhhhhh yeeahhh baby, this trailer ist great! Today You Die could be the best Seagal dtv-Movie! YEAH!
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    Submerged - review

    I saw "Submerged" in German yesterday. And i really loved this movie. The Story ist good and Seagal looked better than in BotB or ItS. The two fight-scenes were very good and the other action sequences too. I think, Seagal is on the right path. And I hope, that Today You Die will be better. 8/10
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    Video covers.

    Out Of Reach - japanese
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    German Out of Reach Cover

    No problem! ;) The official cover will released 1-2 month before the purchase release of the dvd
  20. _Steven Seagal_

    German Out of Reach Cover

    It is a UK-Cover but not a final german cover!