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  1. katw_03

    Happy News

    My husband I have decided to give our marriage another try. It's hard to throw 15 years away. He is really making an effort and working on the issues that caused us to separate. My husband is a good man, but he has faults as we all do. I am very happy and just had to share this with my...
  2. katw_03

    Kat's Back!

    Hello everyone! Happily,I am back online!! :) It has been a difficult, but learning experience, suddenly being single after 15 years. I feel healthier, more alive than I have felt in years. Now I am back where I belong, with all my friends here. Thank you all for the well-wishes and...
  3. katw_03


    Hi Everyone, I will be gone from the forum for a while. My husband and I have separated, and I am staying with friends until Wednesday. We both are heartbroken that we cannot stay together. I want different things in life than he does. I know this is the right thing to do. People fall out...
  4. katw_03

    Need help with virus

    I have a virus called PSW.Agent T....I have exhausted all ways of getting rid of it! Can anyone help me????
  5. katw_03


    How do you underline a specific word(it is yellow) in a post?
  6. katw_03


    Julie wanted me to tell all of you she will be offline at least a few days. Her computer crashed. She says she is already missing the forum, hopefully she will be back soon :) hugs&love, kat
  7. katw_03

    Thank You Amos!

    Thank you so much for your website. Yours was the only place I knew I could get information about Craig's forum. I enjoyed being at your forum and will go back daily now.! :) I, as well as the other members, are appreciative of your dedication to keep us informed. :) love ya, kat
  8. katw_03


    What has happened to my avatar? I went to the user cp, and chose one again, but it won't come up on my post!! Help! love, kat
  9. katw_03

    Sincere Apology to All

    I offer my sincerest apoligies to all that I have offended. I had no right to say the things I did! Although this is some explanation, my physician has increased my Neurontin up and my mood swings have been erratic. I love everyone here and I will stay off any religion topics for...
  10. katw_03

    Lotussan's Poem for my Birthson!

    I wanted to share this beautiful poem Lotus wrote for me, for my birthson, who will be 18 this August 23rd. Though some people will not understand why I adopted him out, Lotus always did! And for that, she is one of my dearest friends! To my dear birthson, you and I are still one, with...
  11. katw_03

    Help with Smilies

    I am not computer savvy, I was wondering how you make the smilies grin, animate etc. Could someone write it out simple, for me pleaseee........thanks, kat :)
  12. katw_03

    Where is Kokoro?

    Does anyone Know what happened to Kokoro? It's been so long since I have heard from him. I do miss him so......hugs, kat :(
  13. katw_03

    Homeland Security

    Did anyone watch Homeland Security The day that changed the world? I did, I found that many things that I did find interesting in the movie. Watching the movie, it seemed to hurt as much as it did on 9-11... I hated the way it ended....Just wondered what you thought about the movie....hugs...
  14. katw_03

    Chat this week?

    I was wondering if there was going to be a scheduled chat this week? hugs, katrina
  15. katw_03


    Where do you go to make your quote appear automatically on each post? Thank you.....katrina:)
  16. katw_03

    Hello....I'm Katrina

    It has been a long time since I last posted here. I have spoken to Lotussan and it was like I never left! Some may remember me as Kat...Hello Zen Man, Mama San....Due to a lengthy illness(diabetes) hospitalization, I am finally back online praising the wonderful Steven...