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  1. cageyJG

    Steven Seagal Week on AMC

    All, AMC is advertising SS week the 4th-8th November 2013. Can anyone help me find a promo? I just saw the commercial on AMC, but what - no cool flyer?!
  2. cageyJG

    Any beverage updates?

    Awhile back I had it on good authority that the energy drinks would be re-released. This was sometime just after the debut of Lawman (one of the greatest shows ever made, btw). Anyhoo... all went silent. Anyone get any new inklings that we might see the march continue? All I ever wanted to...
  3. cageyJG

    Greetings, comrades

    Hi there, Steven Seagal is a very cool personality in the modern pop culture orbit. It's almost impossible to have not seen a Seagal flick, don't you think? They're perfect movies for popping in late at night, for some reason they have this relaxing effect on me. One more thing...