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  1. yudansha

    Soccer fans gather 'round

    The only goalie to have scored by a kick out from his own net! Forever a legend, Lev Yashin. The path of the 'Panther' (IFHOF) International Football Hall of Fame Profile: Born: 22/10/29, Moscow, USSR Died: 20/4/90 Caps: 78 World Cups: 1958, 1962, 1966 The late and great Lev Yashin...
  2. yudansha

    What time is it?

    There is a watch thread - so I thought, to those of you who have watches, that means you follow time. Discuss it here. Any news in the time business? How has time changed over time? How long is time? Is time a dimensional thing? Are there any developments in time and its applications? Theory of...
  3. yudansha

    From Russia With Love...

    International Wushu Federation "Wushu" in mandarin Chinese translates literally as "military art" but is better known as “martial art”. Traditional wushu defines the Chinese martial arts and has existed for centuries in a variety of styles. In the west, people are more familiar with the term...
  4. yudansha

    Systema summer camp!

    Highest quality training offered outside Russia! DATES: Session ONE: Sunday, August 21st through Friday, August 26th 2005 Session TWO: Friday, August 26th through Wednesday, August 31st 2005 LOCATION: 2 hours North of Toronto, Canada INSTRUCTORS: From Toronto - Vladimir Vasiliev...
  5. yudansha

    Environmental Safety

    ... via conservation and management of ecosystem's health. (I understand that for some, this important issue may serve as a sleeping aid.) I found this following review of Daniel Simberloff's article from Biological Conservation journal (other noted sources are Fauth from Ecology Letters, and...
  6. yudansha

    Medical Insight.

    Purpose: to insight, educate, and excite one and all about any medical news, breakthroughs, or research that has greatly inspired and/or influenced the humanity or is currently going on to promote the well being of human livelihood.
  7. yudansha

    Favourite Seinfeld moment?

    To Seinfeld fans.
  8. yudansha

    Female co-star for Seagal?

    Which female actress would you like to see Seagal co-star with in an action movie? Erika Eleniak part 2? And they have to weigh at least 100lbs, because otherwise... :D
  9. yudansha


    This might get further off topic, so let's see how far it gets. :D This is a "vs." thread. Who wants to take the first jab at it? (to be as effective as possible, visuals are always welcomed) ... have fun!
  10. yudansha

    Bikes anyone?

    Any bikers on here? I've become a little interested in bikes recently, and was wondering what recommendations any of you could make. I am not looking for anything used. However, it must be very affordable (in other words - cheap), yet something that's reliable. Something that I can abuse and not...
  11. yudansha


    You know what to do. This is the place for you to laugh out loud. I think many can use it. This is just a start.
  12. yudansha

    Comments on the "2004 year" thread.

    Since I can't comment on that thread (as it is closed for comment :D ). I will comment here. First, Serena thank you for providing that information. Very interesting. I have to say that I agree with the top picks in most of those categories. Especially those where John Stewart is at the top...
  13. yudansha

    Let's learn something.

    See that light bulb light up? :D I don't know if it's been posted, but there might be a need for this as curiosity might be running wild around here. Official Dictionary. Let's start our compilation. Word #1: Era: a period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point...
  14. yudansha


    E. V. O. (please read :D ... it's hard to read it all, I know, but you might miss some crucial details if you don't! :D ... So, if you don't read it all and start complaining at me, I'll just refer you to this post. OK? This is supposed to be fun, and it will if co-operation is to be.) The...
  15. yudansha

    Paralleling culture and religion

    Something I found interesting. It's a publication by one of our math professors (but this is a non-mathematical publication - just something of a general interest to those who find religion an interesting topic). THE FAITH Christians and Jews So similar, yet so different This...
  16. yudansha


    Systema was born out of centuries of technical refinement on the battlefield as Russians repelled a multitude of enemies under vastly different combative conditions. With its dual emphasis on the martial and the spiritual, Systema shares much common ground with aikido. Aikidoka looking to...
  17. yudansha

    Oldest panda raised in captivity dies at age 33 in Chinese zoo

    A photo of 33-year-old female panda Pei Pei eating bamboo taken on May 31, 2004 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, eastern China. (AP/str)BEIJING (AP) - The oldest panda raised in captivity has died at an eastern China zoo at the age of 33, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Thursday. Peipei died...
  18. yudansha

    Czech hockey coach Ivan Hlinka dies from injuries sustained in car accident

    PRAGUE (CP) - Ivan Hlinka, a star player who went on to build the Czech Republic's hockey program into one of the finest in the world, died Monday from injuries suffered in a car crash. He was 54. Hlinka coached the Czech Republic to Olympic gold in 1998 and he was head coach of the NHL's...
  19. yudansha

    Joe Schmo shows...

    Does anybody watch this? It's the absoulte comedy and a parody on the reality TV programs. "Spike TV's hit series [returned] in hilarious form with Joe Schmo 2! Aside from "Joe" and "Jane," everyone else on the show are actors following a pre-determined storyline." What did "Joe & Jane...
  20. yudansha

    The Cell Phone thread

    I've always wondered what kind of cell phones people have around the world. :D I like Motorolas and Samsungs. The phones I've had over the years: My next phone: