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    Four Floors - My New Film

    Dear all, I really hate doing this, honestly I do. Despite being a writer, actor, producer etc. I actually hate self-promotion, it feels so vain, especially on forums where we're here to talk about someone else. However, I do really need to get this out here and I'd appreciate it if you all at...
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    Deadly Assassin - next part of TJ series released in UK (cover)

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    A Decade in DTV

    I felt compelled to make this post/topic after watching Half Past Dead last night. It has been months since I've watched a Seagal movie, (apart from Maximum Conviction which I did genuinely forget about whilst writing this as it is so forgettable in itself,) and last night I stuck on HPD just...
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    Bond 24 Trailer - and it ain't Daniel Craig!

    I'M BACK. As James Bond 007-Brain Cells in what is likely my biggest action short yet. A massive thanks to Dragonrage from the forum for the special effects and also thanks goes to Dolphage from the Dolph forum for the trailer voiceover. Enjoy guys, it's absolutely loaded to the gills with...
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    Jean Claude Van Damme: A Career in Kicking Ass

    Hey guys! Thought some of you may be interested in this!! I am happy to announce the release of my brand new kindle book, Jean Claude Van Damme: A Career in Kicking Ass, which is available exclusively to download on amazon kindle and PC's. It is priced at $4.08 ($2.56) and can be found at the...
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    Zombie: Resurrection - My New Film!

    Hey everybody, In 2009 I made a short film called ZOMBIE, which revolved around a lone zombie, risen from his grave, killing unsuspecting people in a small town (all of which were played by me, including the zombie.) Only one man could stop him...or so it seemed. Now in 2012 and in high...
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    Television Urban Warfare - February 6th Release for UK

    Check out the cover: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006C0ZXRM/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=specialforces0a-21&linkCode=as2&camp=1634&creative=19450&creativeASIN=B006C0ZXRM One of the best Seagal covers of late, but is it me or is that the same face they used for Born to Raise Hell?
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    Love, Life & Death

    Hey guys, Check out my brand new book, my first book as an author and maybe my last haha! Love, Life, Death, Affection, Seduction, Destruction & Everything in Between: Poetry from the Pen of a Professional Amateur is available online at amazon.com and amazon.co.uk and also in kindle format, as...
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    Dolph Lundgren is back with ICARUS

    Film website movieset.com were on the set of Dolph's sleek new hitman thriller, his fifth film as a director. The film was shot in Canada and below you can find a whole ****load of coooool goodies. Tonnes of stills from the movie, behind the scenes interviews, fight scene practises and more...
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    The Eagle Path - NEW Van Damme Romance movie

    JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME fresh off the critical acclaim he received for "J.C.V.D", now is directing, writing, producing and starring in "THE EAGLE PATH" AKA "FULL LOVE". In the film he portrays "Frenchy", an emotionally lost Ex-GI turned taxi driver somewhere in South-East Asia where he...
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    Please Sign This Petition!!!

    Hi, The link below is a petition to get the next Van Damme film released in cinemas. I know everyone on here is a Seagal fan but there must be some Van Damme fans on here too! And if this one gets released and does well in cinemas then it may cause Sony to take notice of the other DTV action...
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    Perfect Guitar For Seagal