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  1. Wrist-Snapper


    Hi all, Anyone had any joy sending things for Steven to sign? I have a really beautiful Australian poster for “Above The Law” (“Nico” on this one) and it would really make my day if I could get Steven to sign it. I wasn’t able to catch his gigs here a while back and so feel the opportunity...
  2. Wrist-Snapper

    Could be a lot of fun...

    ...if you are Seagal fan with sense of humour. I've read reviews of other films written by this guy, and they're pretty funny. http://tinyurl.com/2k5kkg Sorry. Didn't know this was under discussion elsewhere.
  3. Wrist-Snapper

    Best Place at Shepherds Bush to meet Seagal

    Just curious if it would be better to turn up early or remain late waiting outside the Empire to get an autograph? I really want to get the great man's autograph and I'm pumped for this! Thanks again!
  4. Wrist-Snapper

    Signing Session?

    Going along to the concert on Sunday and I was curious to know if Steven does an autograph session for fans at all? I'd love to get one of my movie posters signed by the man and will bring it along if there's a chance! Thanks.
  5. Wrist-Snapper

    Seagal in FAMILY GUY

  6. Wrist-Snapper

    The Other Guys

    I know this is the Seagal forum and Steve is the No.1 hombre, but I was curious if you guys ever watch any of Steven's contemporaries such as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lungren and, I guess, Wesley Snipes whilst waiting for the new Seagal movie? I watched Wesley Snipes' THE DETONATOR and...
  7. Wrist-Snapper


    Is Steven playing England soon? I've never heard him sing, but what is he like as regards approaches from movie fans for autographs, etc? I'd love to get an OUT FOR JUSTICE poster signed. Would he refuse as it's a music gig?
  8. Wrist-Snapper


    Hi all, I am new here! Always enjoyed action flicks, but have recently become addicted to Steven Seagal's movies in particular. Seen most of his big Warner films in the past, but have been revisiting Seagal's career from the start after picking up INTO THE SUN on budget. I am now making my...