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  1. pantera

    problems to log in

    Since last week, i've got more and more problems to log in: 1st i write my login and password. the computer lets me go on the forum. But as soon as i choose or click on anything, the computer logs me off without reason and i need to log in again and again and over again. So to answer someone...
  2. pantera


    is there someone who can explain me what the shoutbox is and how it works. Thanx a lot. ;)
  3. pantera

    stars' phone numbers

    I think you probly all heard about the adress book of Paris Hilton. Someone has beeb able to hi jacked her cellular phone. In doing that, he accessed to all her phone numbers which inclued big stars phone numbers. This of steven seagal was there ( i think). I found this list on the net but i'm...
  4. pantera

    the teaching of the dalai lama cancelled in Belgium

    The title is clear: the dalai had to come for five days in Belgium in june; but it's cancelled. We were waiting that in Belgium for a long time. there had to be a five days teaching about the middle path. Unluckily, at the same time of his Belgian visit, our king go to China for economical...
  5. pantera

    seagal cartoon

    has anybody already seen this? http://www.garbagethief.com/flash/seagal.html
  6. pantera

    happy birthday julie scarborough

    well don't forget to say happy birthday to our julie scarborough too. So happy birthday!
  7. pantera

    martial arts seminar?

    I'd like to know when and where Steven seagal paricipate at a seminar of martial arts. In checking the gallery, i saw that the last time it was in Warsaw in Poland. What will be his next seminar? Where can i find that kind of inquiry?
  8. pantera

    a girlfriend of steven

    I know that the pic is not a new one but doeas anybody can tell me if Steven is still with this girl and who she is?
  9. pantera

    happy birthday Exitwounds

    Well I think the title of my thread is clear enough. So today is your day :cool: . Then good luck and a very happy birthday! ;)
  10. pantera

    a new member says hi

    Hi everybody I'm Marjorie from Belgium, I'm 25 years old and happy to join ya on this forum. I like Steven Seagal (of course) and I lika martial arts. I practiced judo for a long time i also practiced karate and self defense. Now i'm gonna start Aikido 'cos the philosophy of the other sports...