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  1. Mazen

    General Commander - reviews

    I have and I thought it was a big disappointment.
  2. Mazen

    Steven Seagal Karate

  3. Mazen

    Seagal and Matsuoka

    We all know Seagal is an acomplished martial artist. He just posted some info on Instagram about his Karate background his teacher and him getting promoted to 7th dan.
  4. Mazen

    Seagal and Matsuoka

  5. Mazen


  6. Mazen

    Do you own every Seagal movie to date?

    Got this in the mail the day it came out.
  7. Mazen

    Happy Birthday Steven Seagal

    Happy Birthday, Steven Seagal.
  8. Mazen

    Top 10 Seagal movies

    He needs to remove Half Past Dead,Exit Wounds,Urban Justice and Machete. How is Urban Justice and Machete better then On Deadly Ground and where is Under Siege 2?
  9. Mazen

    Review: Under Siege 2

    It my favorite Seagal movie of all time.
  10. Mazen

    Do you own every Seagal movie to date?

    Still working on mind.
  11. Mazen

    Seagal's Worst...

    After Fire Down Below Seagal movies started going down hill in my opinion.
  12. Mazen

    Seagal's Worst...

    I don't recall his role being small in Against the Dark. Only movie I can remember his role being small is Executive Decision. However, I could be wrong so don't quote me on that.
  13. Mazen

    Steven's Current Location

    Seagal really had nothing to worry about in the first place. He knew the statute of limitations would kick in. Woman should of said something 30 years ago instead of waiting until now.
  14. Mazen

    Seagal Seminar

  15. Mazen

    Small video of Seagal teaching Aikido in Russia in 2013

    After watching the first video you can tell Seagal movements are very tight.
  16. Mazen

    Tenshin Aikido

    I came across this article couple days ago and it explains Take Sensei style of Tenshin Aikido. http://www.ngaexperience.com/stevenseagalsaikido.html
  17. Mazen

    Movies Attrition (2017) (release Sept 14)

    I think that's a good poster.
  18. Mazen

    Seagal's Worst...

    I agree, Attack Force was pretty bad.
  19. Mazen

    Seagal's Worst...

    I'm not a fan of his newer movies. If I had to pick his worse movie that has to be Against the Dark.
  20. Mazen

    Sexual Allegations against Seagal

    What I was starting to think when all this first came out. Why are these woman waiting this long to say something?