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  1. mikek7316

    WWE Films

    The Kane movie was awesome! However Steven Seagal would murder Kane or any other WWE guy in a legit fight.
  2. mikek7316

    Rvd! Rvd!

    Certainly smoking tobacco should be considered suicide. It is sad to see people addicted to and dying from this *gross* substance. I am sure Steven does not smoke cigarettes. But I wonder if he uses another kind of smoke that can help deep thought and meditation, like cannabis.
  3. mikek7316

    Rvd! Rvd!

    I feel bad for Rob Van Dam that he got charged with misdemeanor posession, right during the start of his biggest push ever. Of course if he was smart about it and had not been speeding, he would be totally cool instead of being in the mess of trouble he's in. I wonder if Steven Seagal...
  4. mikek7316

    Happy 4th of July....

    Happy Fourth of July to everyone, even Mr. Seagal despite his cancelling of a St. Louis tour date. We love you Steven, have a safe and happy 4th. PEACE
  5. mikek7316

    Music Steven Seagal & Thunderbox-Blues Band Events and Concerts-2007

    I can't believe he cancelled all those dates, especially the one in St. Louis. I feel like he is a fat fraud and a disgrace to martial arts and music. He can make it up to me by playing in St. Louis or Columbia, MO, any time. I love you Steven.
  6. mikek7316

    Music Steven Seagal & Thunderbox-Blues Band Events and Concerts-2007

    St. Louis How will we know for sure if Steven will come to St. Louis on June 17? I live close to St. Louis and would definitely go to see him. How/when can we find out more about this appearance (like venue and showtime)?? I will take him to the bank! :-) Mike
  7. mikek7316

    Hello I am new here.

    Hi Gordon Lots of interesting people here; you won't be disappointed. Your bozo looks more like a Pennywise, to me. Welcome to the board! Mike
  8. mikek7316

    Movies Black Dawn Trailer Online!!

    I would like to say once again what a great man Steven Seagal is. Thank you Mr. Seagal for leading us on the Path Beyond Thought.
  9. mikek7316

    Black Dawn - Trailer

    I agree completely
  10. mikek7316

    Black Dawn - Trailer

    This movie looks awesome. They said in the trailer that Seagal's character in the movie is again Jonathan Cold. Does this mean it is a sequel of The Foreigner? It sure seems like it. If true, that means it is Seagal's first sequel since Under Seige 2. Fortunately they can only improve on...
  11. mikek7316

    Black Dawn - Trailer

    Thank you Mr. Seagal for posting your trailer online for us.
  12. mikek7316

    Today You Die - Reviews

    Review from Amazon This is a fan review I found on Amazon, not as flattering to Mr. Seagal as my review was: Today You Crap, September 25, 2005 Reviewer: SOIA1979 "Totally Sweet" (MD United States) - See all my reviews September 13th 2005 heralded the release of 'Today You Die'...
  13. mikek7316

    Today You Die - Reviews

    I'm glad Nick liked my review and found the humour in it. Sometimes its hard to say something good about a Seagal film without sounding like the back of the DVD case. If you think that review was good, you should check out my Into the Sun review- it's hilarious. Read it by clicking here...
  14. mikek7316

    Today You Die - Reviews

    Today You Die Review Steven Seagal brings us another hard-hitting, action-packed DTV blockbuster with Today You Die. This was definitely a high quality movie. Seagal's hardcore fans get what they want in this film- lots of fighting! And Seagal goes back to his roots, using Aikido...
  15. mikek7316

    I might be going to an Eminem concert.

    Also depends on if he can get that bus up and working again. You may not have heard but his bus crashed in Odessa, MO, which is not far from where I live (Columbia, MO). A couple of the guys in there were hurt when the bus careened off the road at a high rate of speed and then back on again...
  16. mikek7316

    Has Seagal,made any Aikido video??

    Try looking up the Path Beyond Thought on Ebay. You might also find that the price is better than is listed elsewhere.
  17. mikek7316

    Bikes anyone?

    "I traded the van for this baby, straight up. We can get 70 miles to the gallon on this hog." "Lloyd, just when I thought you couldn't possibly get any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!" If you like hogs read Hunter Thompson's "Hell's Angels" for...
  18. mikek7316

    Ok Everyone Read This Now!!

    LittleDragon, what a great thread to start! You are queen of positivity on this website! And thanks again to Craig for keeping the BEST Seagal site BY FAR up and running smoothly for all Steven's fans! PEACE AND STAY POSITIVE!
  19. mikek7316

    Michael Jackson found not guilty

    This is what the story you are referring to said about refiling charges: "'There have been reports that the main prosecutor, Sneddon, has plans to refile charges right away,' Richardson reported earlier." This is a statement by somebody they interviewed, not really a statement from the...
  20. mikek7316

    Why do they dub someone else's voice in?

    I think the reason for this is two-pronged: One, Seagal has a very soft, low voice that is probably difficult to pick up on the microphones used in filming. Two, Seagal is a bad actor, so even a dubbed voice is more convincing than Seagal's monotone emoting.