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  1. Bklyn Bryan

    China Salesman Reviews (Forbes & LA Times)

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/lukethompson/2018/06/14/review-china-salesman-is-a-mis-marketed-mess-light-on-seagal-and-tyson/amp/ http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-et-mn-mini-china-salesman-review-20180614-story.html?outputType=amp...
  2. Bklyn Bryan

    China Salesman in NYC theaters 6/15/18

    I know this was released a while ago in some countries. Here in the U.S. it is finally getting a proper release! Limited theatrical run. Starting June 15th at Cinema Village in NYC. Same theater that had "Contract to Kill" and "Cartels" from Seagal. It's nice that Seagal gets an annual...
  3. Bklyn Bryan

    News About Model Arissa Lebrock (seagal's Daughter).

    Seagal's ex-wife Kelly Lebrock and his 24 year old model daughter Arissa are in the news/ spotlight. I must say that Arissa Lebrock is a very beautiful woman! Wow!! Arissa will be featured on the Lifetime TV show "Growing Up Supermodel" Wednesday nights at 10/9 central...
  4. Bklyn Bryan

    Movies Cartels (killing Salazar) In Theaters/ Vod July 7th

    Action legend Steven Seagal headlines this explosive thriller that pits U.S. forces against an Eastern European drug cartel. When crime boss Salazar turns informant, U.S. Marshal Jensen (Luke Goss, Blade II) and his team must guard their luxury-hotel safe house. But as cartel underboss Sinclaire...
  5. Bklyn Bryan

    Contract To Kill Reviews

    I usually diagree with critics of Seagal. But they're 100% correct this time. Was highly disappointed with "Contract to Kill". End of a Gun was much much better than Contract to Kill!!! I even went out to the movie theater to watch CTK. Even Code of Honor was better than CTK. Oh well, Seagal had...
  6. Bklyn Bryan

    "contract To Kill" In Nyc Cinema For 1 Day 12.09.16

    Dear NYC Seagal fans: "Contract to Kill" will be getting a one day theatrical release. Cinema Village will have showings at 11am and 11pm. Fri 12.09 https://www.cinemavillage.com/showtimes/# Cinema Village 22 East 12th Street, New York NY 10003 | (212) 924-3363 I will be attending the 11pm...
  7. Bklyn Bryan

    Seagal Granted Russian Citizenship.

    Dear Seagal Fans, Steven was recently granted Russian citizenship by Vlad Putin. Not sure if anybody posted yet (11/03/16 was the date it was reported by usa today). Perhaps Seagal can help Trump with Russian relations and things. We will see! Congrats again to Steven Seagal...
  8. Bklyn Bryan

    Ticker Blu-ray (region A) On October 2nd!!

    Dear fellow Seagal fans, I just checked Amazon.jp and they have 3 new Seagal Blu-ray releases coming soon! Japan Blu-rays are Region A and playable in the United States, Canada, & other Region A countries. I already own 2out of 3. I pre-ordered Ticker! It was the follow up to Exit Wounds. Idk...
  9. Bklyn Bryan

    Tour Seagal's Arizona Home!!

    HGTV http://www.ulive.com/video/steven-seagal-at-home Enjoy!
  10. Bklyn Bryan

    Seagal Movies That Need To Be On Blu-ray!!!

    There are still a few of Steven Seagal's Classics that have yet to be released on Blu-ray! Here are some that we would like to see on Blu-ray asap!! Some DTV movies should also be on Blu! Classics: "Fire Down Below" "The Glimmer Man" "On Deadly Ground" DTV: "Urban Justice" "Ticker"...
  11. Bklyn Bryan

    Seagal Aikido Masterclass In Russia May 25, 2015

    Any thoughts about Steven Seagal's latest Aikido demonstration in Russia. He has done this before in Russia. This might have been posted already. Just wanted to get some thoughts and opinions. It was obviously just a demo show and no real fighting happening. FULL Video:
  12. Bklyn Bryan

    Absolution In Theatres May 15th!!!

    REMINDER: I know that this was already posted! But I'm excited to see Seagal back on THE BIG SCREEN!!! It has been a while (not counting his part in Machete) since Seagal has starred in a theatrical release!! Here are the links for my fellow New Yorkers, Absolution is playing at AMC Theaters -...
  13. Bklyn Bryan

    The Patriot Is Coming To French Blu-ray!

    So I was searching bluray.com for new Seagal movies & found out! August 16th The Patriot (1998) will be coming to blu-ray. I believe that this might be Seagal's very first Direct-to-DVD movie. It has very little action, but I still find it watchable compared to The Foreigner, Black Dawn, &...
  14. Bklyn Bryan

    Under Siege 3

    If Under Siege 3 happens, it should be on an airplane. Land (US 2), sea (US 1), & air (US 3). It would make sense. Then Seagal will have a trilogy!!!