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  1. SimonLustenberger

    Fighter V - Band from Switzerland

  2. SimonLustenberger

    Movies Film - General Commander (USA release May 28)

    NEW TRAILER FROM LIONSGATE Format: Movie Genre: ACTION Writer/Director: Philippe Martinez Producers: Philippe Martinez Cast: Steven Seagal Plot: Jake Alexander (Sensei Seagal) is a CIA Global Response Staff (GRS) contractor, Southeast Asia division. He is sent on assignment to Macau to...
  3. SimonLustenberger

    Ash Vs Evil Dead Trailer

  4. SimonLustenberger

    Hairdryer Music-band From Switzerland

  5. SimonLustenberger

    New Seagal Video-thread

  6. SimonLustenberger

    Steven Seagal In Expendables 4

    From the Italian FACBOOK page: 12/28/2013 FRESH NEWS: Steven Seagal said YES to Expendables 4 ! << I'll be happy to recite in the fourth part ! >> Steven Seagal told the Western media of his recent interview with Sylvester Stallone. According to the... Sensei , the star of Rambo would be...
  7. SimonLustenberger

    TOKAREV / Starring Nicolas Cage

  8. SimonLustenberger


    Could be fun. The first one was a pretty solid Action-Movie. Director: Roel Reiné
  9. SimonLustenberger

    Music-Video Channel

    Share your favourite / New Music-Videos here in this thread! I`ll start with Ty Stone new Video "Bob Seger". #!
  10. SimonLustenberger


    Hey Folks! I wish everybody a Merry Christmas!!!!
  11. SimonLustenberger

    Uwe Boll`s BAILOUT

    Here is the Trailer for Uwe Boll`s upcoming movie BAILOUT:
  12. SimonLustenberger


    A year ago I made my own Steven Seagal Book. Here are a few Pictures.
  13. SimonLustenberger

    Gerard Buttler - OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN

    OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN That would have been a great Story for Under Siege 3. A disgraced U.S. Secret Service agent is the only man who can save the President and the country when the White House is seized by terrorists...
  14. SimonLustenberger

    New MMA-Interview with Steven

  15. SimonLustenberger

    TAKEN 2

    Trailer is up!
  16. SimonLustenberger

    Budweiser Commercial

    New Budweiser Commercial with Seagal and Anderson Silva:
  17. SimonLustenberger


    Dragon Eyes Trailer: Director: John Hyams Starring: Cung Le Peter Weller Jean Claude van Damme Story: St. Jude Square is a neighborhood living in fear and despair. The dueling gangs of local kingpins Dash and Antuan terrorize the streets and the citizens live without a shred of...
  18. SimonLustenberger


    Hey Folks! The Marine 3 is in the works! Can`t wait. I really liked Part 1 and 2. http://sltdwrestling.blogspot.com/2012/02/john-cena-to-star-in-marine-3-wwe-signs.html
  19. SimonLustenberger

    Tom Berenger`s THE SUBSTITUTE

    Hi Folks! Recently I rewatchet the movie THE SUBSTITUE starring Tom Berenger. This movie kicks ass! I think Berengers character in the movie could have been a cool part for Steven Seagal. Check out the Tagline on the upcoming Blue Ray – Disc:-) Peace
  20. SimonLustenberger

    Arnold Schwarzenegger BLACK SANDS

    Looks like after THE LAST STAND Arnold is ready to tackle BLACK SANDS. Schwarzenegger will play “a loner who wages war against a ruthless weapons manufacturer and his private army in the Southwest.” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2098640/