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  1. Lotussan

    Where is Angeloman?

    I wanna see that pic again... Oh soooo gorgeous, those eyes, and I think the glasses are VERY attractive...
  2. Lotussan

    Who Was Your First Idol?

    We all know that Steven is my idol for eternity, but when I was a little girl I really liked Cher... Well, who woulda thought... I think she's a tramp now...
  3. Lotussan

    A Letter To Steven

    Dearest Sensei, My darling I REALLY don't know if you're even reading, but I just want to say that I love you so much, and that to you, I am truly sooooo greatful.... You may ask why I am greatful, and well, it's hard to explain as you may know, since we have never met, but I guess can say...
  4. Lotussan

    What food(s) Are You Most Addicted To?

    My biggest addictions are cheese and coca-cola...Bad, bad, bad!
  5. Lotussan

    Today's Birthday's

    Happy Birthday to Mr.Rooster, who is turning 35, Helen4SS who is now 26, and rastafari who is 25 today.... Have a great birthday!
  6. Lotussan

    What's Your View On Downloading, Multimedia, Songs, Photos, Coupons?

    What is your personal view on downloading these things, do you feel it is totally ok, totally wrong, or a fine line? I guess I am more to believing it is wrong, but I am definately gulity of the photo thing, just for looking at or an avatar or something, though, but still... Also, what's your...
  7. Lotussan

    Is IT True DMX Just Got Arrested?

    My dad heard this just now, DMX got arrested for hijacking a car? Oh my, my, my, is this true?
  8. Lotussan

    Let's Play A Game, And Guess Seagal's Middle Name...

    So what is your guess? Not that we will ever know for sure, but why not guess? I am curious to know, ah well...ok, my first guess will be.........Lewis.........hehehe...How about you?
  9. Lotussan

    Does Steven Wear Two Watches Or A Watch And A Compass?

    Does he wear two? Suzi describes them both as watches in the gallery, but I heard someone say it's a compass... We used to wear double ones when I was in school, when the swatches were out... It was a cool fashion statement at the time... I need a compass, I don't even know my directions...
  10. Lotussan

    Is The "Oneness" Band Steven's Band?

    Anyone know? I thought his band was named something hinduish...
  11. Lotussan

    Happy Birthday, MrOpinion!

    Have a great birthday...
  12. Lotussan

    Attention: Spoof e-mails from someone claiming they are ebay!

    Anyone else gotten spoof e-mails from what "appears" to be ebay? I have gotten two suspicious ones, both of which gave me a link to go to, I guess to get some info from me... One even claimed that I needed to update all my info... It said I would be unable to log in until I did this, but...
  13. Lotussan

    Steven Seagal Movie Poll....

    Here is a movie poll I happened upon while looking for new info on our Sensei... http://actionadventure.about.com/library/blpages/2001/blseagal.htm?iam=momma_100_SKD&terms=%22steven+seagal%22 I don't think it's been posted before, sorry if it has... I voted for Exit Wounds of...
  14. Lotussan

    Today's Birthday's

    Happy Birthday to all of you.... Homerb (Who is turning 47), BeginnersMind (who is turning 28), AngelLight (Who is turning 24), SenSei (Who is turning 14) Have a great birthday, and we hope to see some of you posting in the near future! :)
  15. Lotussan

    Vesak Day

    Happy Vesak Day! Vesak is celebrated on different days by different Buddhist traditions. One of these days is 2 June, and the very holy town of Bodh Gaya (which attracts all types of Buddhists from all over the world) celebrates in great style. At sometime during the 6th or 7th century...
  16. Lotussan

    Is This The Path Beyond Thought?

    Saw this DVD on Ebay, I'm guessing it's copies of his documentary.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=617&item=4192592565&rd=1 Such a shame....
  17. Lotussan

    Happy Birthday, Raplin!

    Happy Birthday!
  18. Lotussan

    Refunds...Do you ask for them?

    Hi all, I wanted to know under what circumstances do you or would ask for a refund, and do you very often? I was taught that whenever you aren't happy, to ask for your money back...And I do quite often...Do you think this is selfish? For example, I received a package today, which was...
  19. Lotussan

    When Would You Tell a Lie?

    Hi all....Funny thing happened to me last night, so I thought I'd share, as this had me deep in contemplation.... I was talking to a friend online, and I accidently typed---"As a rule I DO lie." Hahaha... Well, of course, what I meant to type was---"As a rule, I do NOT lie." And...
  20. Lotussan

    Painting/Portrait of Nico, have you seen it?

    I found this on Ebay...Not bad...What do you all think? Here's the link to it... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=197&item=3813134961&rd=1