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  1. oldsage

    lefty bass guitar method

    I bought my youngest a lefty bass guitar. he is having great difficulty learning it as I can't find any lefty fingering charts or chord charts or whatever. I can't help him as I am righty & play 5 string banjo--don't know a thing about bass guitar cept how to tune it for him. Does any one know...
  2. oldsage

    where to buy sheet music for desert breeze

    does anyone know where I can find the sheet music for desert breeze?(preferably tab) I'd like for all the instruments or at least the banjo & guitar. I played banjo until I killed off my shoulder. Now it is much better & I can actually pick up my banjo. I would like to start playing again &...
  3. oldsage

    desert breeze sheet music

    does anyone know where I can find the sheet music (preferably tab & preferably free ;) ) for desert breeze. I'd mostly like the banjo tab for myself. guitar, bass & drums for my sons would be a bonus as they agreed to play it with me if I ever find it.(they don't figure I'll ever find it)
  4. oldsage

    I'll take it as a sign

    well--I was hauled into the office at work (again) for not working fast enough. My boss is aware that I have a bum shoulder, & didn't want to write me up. Instead, she offered me a new position (sorting & pricing books,videos,tapes & cd's). The first box I opened had 2 seagal movies on the top. :D
  5. oldsage

    i'm back

    hi everyone- hope all is well--some of you may remember me. most of you won't. I haven't been in here in a few years as I forgot my password--tried to get it several times but ran out of patience. finally went thru with it today.