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    Van Damme too strong for Seagal??

    From Stallone himself (I mean, FHM mag reported this), in his party at home : http://www.joblo.com/arrow/index.php?id=12729 I don't know if this story is true or not but I sincerely doubt that Van Damme is too strong for Seagal. Van Damme is not a real master and there is no proof that he...
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    New website about daito-ryu aikijujutsu

    Hello, It's a great pleasure to introduce you a new website about the Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Kodokaï from Hokkaïdo in Japan. For the moment, the website is in Japanese but a translation in English will be done soon. Authors will add alo pictures of techniques, pictures of Kodokaï people and...
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    Steven Seagal official Site

    I don't know if you have already seen this site : it is the official site by steam roller production http://www.stevenseagal.com/ bye..............................
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    Aiki techniques of daito KODOKAi in video2

    An another video clip of Nishikio Sensei where is performing Aiki against several attackers:http://www.hikarido.com/video4.avi
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    Aiki techniques of daito KODOKAi in video

    I introduced the principle of AIKI techniques of the martial arts daito-ryu aikijujutsu. I want to show you this following video where a great master of Aiki is making a aiki no jujutsu daito-ryu techniques. As i explained it, the AIKI technique is based on the fact that kokyu energy (which...
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    The CD of Steven Seagl "Songs from the crystal cave"

    The new CD of Steven Seagal "Songs from the crystal cave " is now available in France http://www.fnac.com/Shelf/article.asp?Mn=3&SID=938068d7-f31c-8e46-97e3-99fc0d30bccc&TTL=010620042057&Origin=FnacAff&PRID=1544650&Ra=-28&To=0&Nu=1&UID=0b6477fec-1da2-7215-9a4e-cc23ca5db966&Fr=0 The CD is cery...
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    Out for a kill in France

    Out for a kill will be released in France the 26 August 2004 (DVD and VHS). The french is title "Ultime Vengeance" Bye..............................
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    Clementine in ActionKings

    Hello.... Just to say you that Clementine was intoduced in ActionKings web site http://www.geocities.com/theactionkingsm/ActionKings-Seagal-Clementine.html The movie will be released the 21 May 2004 in South Korea.
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    Out of Reach in video

    In actionking web site, the release date of Out for a reach is now "full 2004 Video premiere" (At the beinning it was May 2004 Tentative). So, a video movie again!!!!!! I'm desparate!!!!! to see again Steven Seagal in the big screen. I hope Into the Sun...
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    Mercenary movie is announced with a budget of 15 millions dollars and Steve Collins as director (ActionKing website source) : http://www.geocities.com/theactionkingsm/ActionKings-Seagal-Mercenary.html Bye............................
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    Compare Aikido steven Seagal techniques and daito-ryu techniques 2

    There was a great discussion for my previous topic titled "Compare Aikido steven Seagal techniques and daito-ryu techniques". My intention was to introduce daito-ryu concepts to the forum people to understand the root of Steven Seagal techniques. I have simplified many things because as Aikilove...
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    Submerged budget

    ActionKings website annonced a budget of 15 million dollars for Submerged and a video release:http://www.geocities.com/theactionkingsm/ActionKings-Seagal-Submerged.html 15 million!! : it is not a lot for a movie about mutated creatures and submarine crew, no????? What do you think?????
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    Into the Sun

    Hello, mink is also annonced as director of Into the Sun in Actionstars web site:http://www.geocities.com/theactionkingsi/ActionKings-Seagal-TheYakuza.html bye........
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    Hi Steven Seagal fans Actioning web site has annonced the new project Submerged of Steven Seagal : http://www.geocities.com/theactionkingsm/ActionKings-Seagal-Submerged.html For the moment it is annonced as a video release. bye....................................
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    Belly of the Beast rating

    Great news, ActionKings website rated Belly of the Beast with 3 stars (on 4 stars max) http://www.geocities.com/theactionkingsj/ActionKings-Seagal-BellyoftheBeast.html Bye..................................................
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    Compare Aikido steven Seagal techniques and daito-ryu techniques

    Hello, When you see Aikido style of Steven Seagal Sensei it is sure that his techniques are very different compare to Aikikai style. Techniques are very fast; less circular mouvement; strangulation and atemi (strike to pressure point) are present. So, his style is similar to the jujutsu part...
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    Your feelings about Belly of the Beast

    Hello Steven Seagal fans I read some Belly of the Beast reviews and it seems that it is a good movie. Some criticals comments indicate that it's a come back of typical Steven Seagal movie (many fight scenes and martial arts atmosphere in the film). What is the feeling of people which have...
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    Out for Reach (Tentative)

    Hello everybody, Look at the desciptive page of "Out for a reach" in Action Kings site: http://www.geocities.com/theactionkingsi/ActionKings-Seagal-OutofReach.html We can read "RELEASE DATE: May 2004 (USA) (TENTATIVE). I think that the production will try to release the movie in theater...
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    Yakusa, into the Sun or Katana??

    I see that in Imdb the filmography of Richard Rionda Del Castro (as Producer, he is the producer of Into the sun) contains the movie "Katana" which has the same Plot outline that "Yakusa" : At the end of the desciption of the movie you can read that this film is also known as Yakusa. So, an...
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    Half Past Dead DVD release in France!

    The DVD zone 2 of Half Past Dead has been released in France last Wednesday. The DVD is very good. IT contains : - The movie (french title : "Mission Alcatraz" - Trailer - Commentary by director Don Michael Paul - Making-of It was a pleasure to see again this film after the theaters...