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  1. SweetChinMusic

    Half Past Dead 2 Cover Art

    Twitch, an inmate at New Alcatraz, gets himself transferred across country to an even tougher, more violent penitentiary. He's caught between two rival gangs fighting for control, and although he wants to avoid trouble and make parole, he soon sides up with one of the gangs. His long-time...
  2. SweetChinMusic

    John Leguizamo talks Seagal

    John Leguizamo is getting brutally honest about his Hollywood encounters, poking fun at stars like Patrick Swayze and Steven Seagal in his new book "Pimps, Hos, Players, Haters & All The Rest Of My Hollywood Friends." The star isn't expecting Christmas cards from the two ageing action men after...
  3. SweetChinMusic

    Best Week Ever

    anyone catch last Friday's Best Week Ever on VHI, they talked about Seagals energy drink, it was pretty funny even though they didn't have nice things to say.