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  1. hofmae

    Im still there...

    Hi everyone, i know its been a while since i was active in this forum... I just want to know you all, that im still here, and i watch the forum sometimes... I had a lot of things going on (Job, My Band, ...) so i couldn't find the time... But im still there and i try to get more active...
  2. hofmae

    Im still alive...

    Hey guys and girls! Sorry for not posting such a long time, i have a lot todo at work. But im always looking on this board, and as you see im still a big fan of Steven. I will post more, when i find some time... Thanks a lot Andre
  3. hofmae

    Seagal Marathon :)

    Hey everyone! I did it again, the last few days i've watched every single Seagal movie again :) Awesome stuff. The bar scene in Out for Justice is still one the best Scenes ever :) I still don't know why he can't kick ass in the newer flicks like he did back there, im totally sure he...
  4. hofmae

    Interesting Quesiton

    Question for all you believing in GOD and Life after Death in Heaven or whatever. I mean a lot of people (me too) try to do their best in life. Try to help people in needs, try to be a good human and so on. But we all made faults, and we all, in some situations, don't act like the bible tells...
  5. hofmae

    Message from Joe - PLEASE READ

    After the big message from Joe i've emailed him about the whole thing and after some minutes (as always) i got an answer. I think everyone here should read that, because it looks like some people misunderstand his first message. Here you can see what joe is thinking about this page and so on. As...
  6. hofmae

    My fanmade Flight of Fury Trailer...

    So Boys and Girls, here on youtube you can watch my fanmade trailer... I don't have included all great actionscenes, so that if you watch the movie, you will still have surprise moments... there is much more cool stuff in the whole movie, and more fightscenes and a lot more action than in this...
  7. hofmae

    My Flight of Fury REVIEW!

    Its in this thread: http://www.steven-seagal.net/forum/showthread.php?t=9138
  8. hofmae

    Watch the whole Seagal Part of the SAT1 Show in Germany

    Here is the whole part of Seagal on the German Comedy/Music Show "Sasha". He's even talking german sometimes (really funny) :) ---- > http://www.swisstvblog.net (you have to scroll down a bit maybe, or you can search on the field "Suchen" for Seagal) Cool!!! :)
  9. hofmae

    Steven Seagal in German Televion Show.

    The show is about comedy & music. It will be aired on German Television channell SAT1 at 3. February 8.15 PM The news in german is here: http://augenzeuge.stern.de/fc/picture/516682/?pos=30&order=InsertDate
  10. hofmae

    Now im getting angry...

    ..about Steven. Now its enough. I hate to read in every interview that Steven bashes his own movies. Its absolutely unfriendly. 1. When he hates these movies he should NOT MAKE THEM. Its a long time only about money, and it really looks like that he has no fun making movies. 2. He...
  11. hofmae

    Attack Force...

    ...is on Place 25 in the Action-Category in Switzerland's biggest DVD-Store. All these poor people that bought this movie, im sure for some of them it will be definately the last Seagal flick... Top 25 - aktuelle Bestseller 1. Casino Royale 2. Miami Vice 3. Ultraviolet: Limited...
  12. hofmae

    Thanks to Joe...

    ...What do you think, i think we should (i can do it if you want) make a mail to Joe from "the uniffical steven seagal board members". A "Thank you" Mail because he's always so kind and gives us the newest on Seagal... I think he deserves it... What do you think?
  13. hofmae

    Another E-Mail from Joe i've found on imdb:

    He didn't sent this to me, but i found it on imdb: **** Hi Leon- I can't give a lot of details but yes we are in New Mexico filming a urban revenge flic. It should be pretty good. Lots of hand-to-hand. It's written by a kid named Gil Fuentes (I'm just a producer on this one) and has all...
  14. hofmae

    Fantastic News From Joe Halpin!!!!!!

    Hi everyone, i wrote again an E-Mail to Joe. And as always he responded very quickly. He wants to say hi to all of us on the board, he also says he's sorry when he cannot reply so quickly, its because he has a lot to do at the moment, he said its not that he don't care. But we already know...
  15. hofmae

    The guide for a good Seagal Movie! (10 tip edition)

    Dear Producers, Writers, Directors and Millionares. If you want to make a successfull seagal movie, that the fans will like there are some simple tips you have to look at: 1. Don't take homeless people to do Seagal's Voice 2. Don't take a stunt double for a scene if its not necessary (as...
  16. hofmae

    The votes :)

    Haha look at this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0493424/
  17. hofmae

    Steve Irwin

    Good News for the public ceremony. It will broadcastet with a live stream on the internet site www.yahoo7.com.au on wednesday.
  18. hofmae

    My second tribute for Steve

    I already made a tribute with pictures for Steve and his family, here is my second one with videoclips. Steve, i will never forget you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22Dz0Q-hYu0
  19. hofmae

    Paris Hilton shows us what she got :)

  20. hofmae


    Hey folks, i was on vacation in Croatia, but now im back to business... and by the way: I have my tickets for Steven Seagal @ Switzerland in September. Yeah...