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    Expendables Franchise Done

    With the latest movie in the franchise(Exp 3) bombing in the North American box office this weekend I think we can safely say this will put an end to the series. I think the reasons for its horrible opening might be a combination of its PG-13 rating(the reason I passed on it) and the movie being...
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    New Movie: Foreign And Domestic

    I noticed that in the interview he did in Bulgaria he mentioned that he will be filming a new movie starting in August called "Foreign and Domestic". He only said that it will be filming in Alabama, nothing else. Can we get any further info on the plot and director of this movie from someone who...
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    Movies before release on internet

    Its just ridiculous to me that this movie has been up on youtube for at least a week and the director/producers/studio either does not know about it or dont care about it. You dont see this with other action stars, being this readily available. I have already preordered the dvd from amazon but...