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    having sugery

    so hear i am at doctor for a phyical and come to fine out that i have to have a tumor remover for my female parts the goo thing is that it is benied i am glad about that what i'm not glad about is when the doctor told me he didn't really din't have a very bed side matter at first i thought...


    hi all glad to be back ok this is something i seem to have so much doing ok hear we go OK SO SAY YOU HAVE BEEN DREAMING ABOUT THE BIG GUY FOR AWHILE AND IN A FEW DAYS IT CAME TRUE HOW WOULD YOU DEAL WITH IT AND WOULD YOU TELL ANYONE :D

    vido ?

    does anyone know how i can get the vidio girl its alright down load

    the big guy gets better

    hi everyone i know its been a very long while sence i have been hear i miss you all very much but you know i missed giving you guy ? so for my return i have one for you we all know we get better with age, so on saying that what do you think steven gets better at as he gets older?

    What to give to the big guy

    hey yall though about this for a while to ask the big guy has many things that he does for many causes in the world , we all know he give so much to us what could you give him to thank him for being him and all the thing he has done in his life

    some freedom

    hi all i know its been awhile but things have been crazy as for my friend well you might say things have worked some she did get a job but things have changed i'm moving to a new place and it is alittle smaller than the place i am now but closer to my job as you all know making the choces...

    heavy heart

    :confused: as i sit hear typing i have been praying to god and asking why me what is going on i have been friend with this pearson for 3 years and though i know most of this is my fault because i am to nice i had to kick out my friend she was not willing to get a job and what money she did have...

    if steven ador you

    ok hi guy back for a while anyway i have on ready if you where at a partie with steven and he saw you across the the room and smiled what would you like hime to be thinking heheheh

    new job

    i have a new job opp to move to miam ane be a manger of a club the pay is good and i know i have the job already but so much to take in from all this change new place new job i realy get to start over in life but sooooo frinken scare like my brain is swiming like a fish in water woulod like to...
  10. CARMEN

    to marry steven

    if you could marry steven what would it be like , how would you make it awsome besides the fact you are marring him
  11. CARMEN

    just steven hehehaha

    ok i have been easy on you so i have one that will really get you going ok pick ither steven or seagal and for each letter in his name each letter with a word to decribe him hahahahah Sexy Tame Electric Victories Endless Noble if you want to use both names you can only use the word...
  12. CARMEN

    first kiss with steven

    ok here you are the the big one ready where would you take the man for your first kiss i would take him to the top of the mountains with the moon light shinning down on us as it reflects off hiss oh sorry got lost for a moment
  13. CARMEN

    fyi sighting

    ok i have to tell you this story i was at work on day working a corp. parties and i swear he has a twin this man walks in an from the corner of my eye i almost fainted he could of been his brother not as tall or built like him but for a moment i freaked out know after i came to i realied it...
  14. CARMEN

    boxer or briefs

    ok so now i am back and got my mojo working i thought about this i would realy love to know i have always wonder i think he wears boxers you know thinking about this i couldn't help blushing to think about what he looked like in both wow need cold shower now
  15. CARMEN

    writting a letter

    ok yes i'm back i know it has been a while so i have a new ? hear it is if you where to write steven a letter to him but could only use 5 five words to tell him how you feel about him:D what would it be have fun good luck
  16. CARMEN

    What Would You Do To Get A Date With Steven?

    Ok If There Was A Contest To Win A Date With The Big Guy What Would You Do To Win That Date. I So Love Coming Up With Theses ? Hehehe Lol
  17. CARMEN

    what do you find sexy about steven and why

    i find his eyes mystical and uncharted
  18. CARMEN

    for the love of a child

    in hearts we are touched by god he gives us every thing we need , sitting by a pool of water as my heart is breaking wondering if i can face the pain that i feel so deep inside when you have a child you are touched by god and to give you a chance to give the life that you a didn't have . also...
  19. CARMEN

    what if steven came to your house

    hi all i'm back been busy like crazy busy ok hears a new one for you we all know he travels a lot and see's so many people what if he came to your house? well for me it would be a great honor that would be my wish but like from othere ? i not sure i would be able to talk but with some time to...
  20. CARMEN

    your journay

    Ok yall i have one we have many paths that we go throught some good some bad but we all know that this is our path but throught our life people have come in and out when we found out about steven what was it that drew him to you and what was the one thing you have gotten from him ? i know some...